1/2 GPH Netafim Woodpecker Jr Pressure Compensating Dripper Emitters (35-Pack) Kit with Hole Punch Tool and Goof Plugs for Drip Irrigation Systems

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Kit Contents:

– 35 1/2 Gallon Per Hour Netafim Woodpecker Junior Drip Emitters Pressure Compensating with CNL (WPCJ – Red/Black). Important: The red barb of the dripper goes into your tubing, the black barb is where the water will drip from.

– 1 plastic punch

– Rack of 10 dual goof plugs

Product Features:

-Improved dripper performance by widening the tooth pattern and maximizing the flow path velocity, preventing contaminants from clogging the dripper

– CNL Feature: In addition to being pressure compensating, these drippers have a built-in CNL (closed non leak) diaphragm that remains closed, and does not allow air or water through, unless a consistent pressure within the drippers’ operating range (10-45 PSI) is met and maintained throughout the irrigation system

– Manufactured from high-quality polyethylene plastic

– Recommended Operating Pressure Range: 10-45 psi

– Shut-Off (Closing) Pressure: 1.7 psi

Netafim Drip Technology Offers A World Of Benefits:

Netafim is the global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions since introducing the world’s first drip irrigation system solutions in 1965. Netafim drippers slowly emit specified amounts of water and nutrients, at low pressure, directly to the plant’s root zone. This continual delivery of water and nutrients increases the grower’s ability to manage crop production, resulting in earlier, more profitable harvests, as well as enhanced consistency in yields from year to year. With minimal loss of water to runoff and evaporation – as well as uniform application to plants, drip irrigation offers a world of benefits.
Spot Watering Precision: 1/2 Gallon Per Hour Netafim Woodpecker Junior drip irrigation emitters ensure every plant on your drip irrigation system receives the same amount of water and fertilizer regardless of location, for uniform, high-quality growth on any topography. Ideal for greenhouse, nursery, hydroponic, farm and other commercial irrigation systems or residential home gardens and landscape applications.
Industry Favorite: Designed with the highest level of technology, these compact, self-cleaning .5 gph emitters have both internal check valves and anti-drainback valves and feature the widest flow path for accurate, dependable water delivery that’s made them the industry standard for years. Measuring 1 inch x 0.75 inch, they feature a 1/8″ black barb and 1/4″ color barb, allowing them to be used with different size tubing. Use our illustration (see photo) for how to install based on tubing size.
Pressure Compensating: The pressure compensating dripper continuously adjusts to varying water pressure, ensuring a constant flow rate. In addition, a built-in CNL (closed non-leak) diaphragm remains closed, and does not allow air or water through, unless a consistent pressure within the drippers’ operating range (10 – 45 PSI) is met and maintained throughout the irrigation system. No more under or over watering at the beginning and ends of the drip system line.
Clog Resistant: Continuous self-flushing system, even while irrigating, provides these ½ gph spot emitters with superior resistance to clogging. Irrigation dripper nozzle made from high-quality polyethylene parts that last season after season for long life.
Tube Punch & Goof Plugs Included: This ½ GPH drip irrigation emitter kit contains a quantity of 35 half gallon per hour Netafim emitters plus a drip tubing hole punch and rack of 10 dual sided goof plug fittings for easy and fast installation. Drippers easily punch into 1/2 or 5/8 inch drip irrigation tubing using the included hole punch tool, or push firmly the red end onto the end of 1/4″ drip tubing.


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