Angoily 3pcs Lawn Bulb Bulbs Spike Gardening Irrigation Lazy Plant Drip Planter Indoor Shape Plastic M Succulent Vegetable Globes Water Drippers Home Dripper Ml Automatic Spikes

Price: $12.89
(as of Feb 22,2023 02:05:43 UTC – Details)

Package List
3 pcs x 1 × Automatic Watering Device

– This product is easy to use, easy to install, water-saving, labor-saving, time-saving and practical self-watering globes.
-Size: 18.00X10.00X10.00cm/7.07X3.93X3 Mushroom Self-watering Bulbs.
– Plant flower automatic watering bulb ball irrigation tool, easy to use, just fill the water ball with water, and then directly insert its tip into the soil self watering bulb.
– Made of plastic material, and practical, and with pointed design, easy to be installed and removed self watering spike.
– Convenient and practical, suitable for family flower watering, balcony courtyard cooling, greenhouses, etc automatic water dripper.
– Simple shape design, more beautiful and attractive, it is also a nice decor for flowerpot plastic watering ball.
-Capacity: 300 ml automatic watering ball
-Color: Transparent Watering Globes
-Material: Plastic glass plant water drippers

Goods Description
automatic watering ball Using safe materials, practical and .Watering Globes That’s because our products can meet your needs.mushroom watering globes It is not easy to deform, which brings you a lot of convenience.Ball Shape Self-watering Bulb If you are looking for a professional and reasonably priced automatic flower watering device, then your research is here

MUSHROOM WATERING GLOBES– Easy to use and saves time – simply fill with water, insert bulb and your healthy plants . Can be indoors or outdoors – use with houseplants, hanging plants or patio plants
AUTOMATIC WATERING BALL– AUTOMATIC PLANT WATERER- Self Watering Spikes Plant Waterer Cute Self Watering Globes Clear Watering Stakes Automatic Drip Irrigation Water Devices Vacation Houseplant Potted Plant Watering Bulbs.
FLOWER WATERING BULBS– Plant Watering Globe Self Watering Spikes Plastic Heart Shape Watering Bulbs Automatic Plant Waterer for Indoor and Outdoor Plants
WATERING GLOBES– FLOWER WATER IRRIGATION DEVICE Simple shape design is very beautiful and special, decorative and practical.
BALL SHAPE SELF-WATERING BULB– FLOWER WATER IRRIGATION DEVICE potted plants, bonsai, home gardening, it can save the efforts and time for watering.

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