Habitech 1/4″ Irrigation Dripline Tubing (100 Ft Roll) – 6″ Emitter Spacing – 1/4″ Drip Irrigation Fittings Included

Price: $22.25
(as of Jan 12,2023 23:04:56 UTC – Details)

100 Ft Roll Dripline
6″ Dripper Spacing
Emitter flow rate: 0.5 GPH at 15 PSI
Uses standard 1/4″ barbed fittings
Size: .250″ OD x .170″ ID – 1/4″
Operating pressure range: 10 – 50 PSI
Wall thickness: .040″

Tubing & Inline Emitters In One. This 100 Ft Roll of 1/4 inch drip irrigation tubing has 0.5 GPH emitters built-in at 6-inch intervals for ultimate simplicity and ease of use. With this drip line tubing, there is no need to buy and install multiple individual irrigation drippers—they are already built-in. Create a flexible irrigation system setup that is easily extendable for expanding gardens.
Water and Time-Saver. Flexible and easy to work with, this tubing allows you to place water specifically where you need it, efficiently and conveniently. Emitter spacing at 6 inches is ideal for row crops in raised beds, flower and vegetable gardens, greenhouses, pots, and planter boxes.
Long-Lasting. More durable compared to drip tape or soaker hoses. Withstands the elements and high foot traffic, so you can enjoy consistent and reliable performance season after season.
Uniform Watering. Our 1/4 drip line irrigation tubing allows for slow, even water distribution throughout your garden beds which keeps plants healthy and happy and limits erosion more than spraying or sprinklers. Maximum run length of 19 ft for each drip line. Simply cut tubing to your desired length.
Fittings Included for Easy Setup. No need to buy all drip irrigation parts separately when drip irrigation fittings come included in this kit. Contents include 5 barbed 1/4″ couplings for connecting this dripline to your main line 1/2″ tubing, and 10 goof plugs to cap off the end of each 1/4 line, helping you get a jumpstart on the drip system supplies you need.

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