La Farah 1 GPH Pressure Compensating Drippers,Drip Irrigation Drippers/Emitters for 1/4 Inch Drip Irrigation Tubing, Black (50-Pack)

Price: $16.99 - $13.99
(as of Jan 25,2023 15:41:34 UTC – Details)

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La Farah drip irrigation parts La Farah drip irrigation parts

Our garden irrigation tools makes your plants grows better

la farahla farah

We are committed to providing high-quality irrigation tools for everyone who loves gardening, and helps making your daily irrigation more easy and efficient.

We focus on providing the most suitable irrigation tools for your garden plants.

drip irrigation emitters drip irrigation emitters

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Adjustable 360 Degree Water Flow Dripper

Drip Irrigation emitters

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drip irrigation parts

drip irrigation partsdrip irrigation parts

1/2″ drip irrigation fittings

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Drip Irrigation Nozzle

Pressure Compensating Emitters deliver a uniform flow rate even in areas with difficult topographical conditions. A unique pressure differential mechanism regulates flow and brings uniform moisture and nutrients to your crops.
Pressure Compensating Drippers provide continuous self-cleaning action, even while irrigating – for a clog-resistant design and high emission uniformity,which is especially suitable for greenhouses and seedlings.
1 GPH Pressure-Compensating Emitters :Turbulent flow design maintains constant 1 Gallon per hour water flow rate and 10-45 PSI pressure regulation over uneven terrain,hillsides and long circuits.
Works with all types and brands of 1/4″ tubing drip irrigation system: pressure compensating emitters connect to your main irrigation line or at the end of a 1/4″ line to promote fast and healthy plant growth with less water.
Wide Applications:Vineyards,Orchards,Greenhouse and Nursery

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