Lawn Sprinklers, 5-in-1 Lawn Sprinkler with 360-Degree Rotation, Large Coverage Area, 5 Arms, Household Automatic Irrigation System for Plants

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Product Description


lawn sprinklerlawn sprinkler

sprinklers for yardsprinklers for yard

Built with durable ABS material, which features rust and corrosion resistance, withstands significant impacts and stands up to high water pressure, keeping stable and firm to avoid toppling or cracking issues.

Specification: Material: ABS Water Pressure: 80 PSI

Watering the garden in the early mornings of the summer days seems like entering a peaceful world where you can enjoy the pleasant coolness and don’t have to consider too much. But it changes when the sun rises and burns everything on the ground.

Why not just leave the tough work in the hot sun to automatic garden sprinkler?

Content: 5-Arm Rotary Sprinkler * 1 Connector * 2

water sprinkler

water sprinkler

sprinkler for kids

sprinkler for kids



Proper Irrigation Matters

Always keep the plants hydrated is one of the essential elements to make the plants grow green and healthy, which matters especially during summer or autumn. Take good care of the plants, and you’ll get a beautiful garden.

Large Coverage Area

One sprinkler is enough to cover the backyard or garden with general scales. To further extend the watering scope, the two-way sprinkler will support simultaneous working with several ones connected in series to cover large areas.

360-Degree Automatic Rotation

Come with four angled spray nozzles on each arm. Get large and concentrated water spray or adjust the spray arms (turning right towards) to widen the watering areas. The automatic rotation is driven by water with no extra power needed.

garden sprinklergarden sprinkler

sprinkler for yardsprinkler for yard

360-Degree Rotation. Brand-new version features 5 arms with 20 built-in nozzles, creating fine, uniform, rain-like water spray to achieve scientific and efficient irrigation. 360-degree rotation gets the plants watered properly rather than flooded. 
High-Speed & Large Coverage. Adjust the arms with four nozzles (angled at 90°, 75°, 45°, 30°) to customize the spray angle and watering scope, covering yards with different scales. Upright to get the maximum and concentrated water spray for a small area, and turn right at 30° to achieve the largest coverage area for large yards. 
Durable Material & Stable Construction. Crafted with ABS material, the garden sprinkler stands out with lasting durability, good flexibility, and strong rust resistance, withstanding long-term summer sun exposure. Keep stable even under high water pressure, avoiding swing or toppling. Make sure each drop of water gets fully used.
Easy To Use. Ready to use out of the box with no installation required. Come with a connector for the hose without a screw thread. Connect to a screw-threaded hose or work with the included connector to achieve instant irrigation. Support simultaneous working with several lawn sprinklers connected in series for large watering areas.
Wide Application. Perfect for watering flowers, grass, vegetables, and any other plants. This powerful sprinkler achieves more than irrigation, sprinkling water on the dry and hot ground to cool down, or using it as a new toy for kids’ or pets’ entertainment to play with on the lawn or cool a trampoline in the summer days. 


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