Raindrip 117025B 1Gph in-Line Dripper, Black

Price: $15.99 - $9.97
(as of Jan 15,2023 20:15:10 UTC – Details)

Deliver water precisely to each plant alongside your distribution tubing with the Inline Dripper. No need to add a fitting to connect to the supply line—the inline dripper has an integrated barb inlet on each side that fits ¼ in. tubing. These round disc emitters and can be strung together to form a chain. Position a series of emitters along the tubing to supply water to each plant. Works best on level ground and short circuits to water individual plants, shrubs, and trees alongside your supply tubing. Periodically check for clogged emitters, which can choke off emitters downstream. Inline Drippers are made of polyethylene treated with UV inhibitors. Drip irrigation systems are easy to customize, install, and operate. With a non-pressure compensating emitter, expect varying water flows based on length of tubing or elevation, with higher flows closer to the water source. Inline Drippers are round disc emitters that work directly from the supply tubing. Raindrip offers an emitter for every watering need. Raindrip is a leading manufacturer of drip and micro-irrigation solutions and the trusted brand of landscapers since 1972. Build, expand, or repair your system with our rigorously tested products designed to save you time and money. Raindrip components and kits are available at major home centers, retailers, and online. Check out the Raindrip website or reach out to us for technical support. Our friendly, experienced team is here to help make your project a success.
Precise, even watering keeps soil moist to hydrate the plant’s root zone; Ideal for watering individual shrubs and trees in landscapes, and plants in container pots and hanging baskets
Fits ¼ in. tubing and dripline with internal diameter of 0.170 in.; 1 GPH flow rate
Non-pressure Compensating Emitter delivers water gradually; expect varying water flow based on length of tubing or elevation, with higher flow closer to the water source
Inline emitters have integrated barbs on both sides to connect right into distribution tubing; no connectors needed; Water is delivered from one side of the emitter
Comes with twenty-five Inline Drippers

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