Raindrip PC8050B 2 GPH Pressure Compensating Drippers, 50 Per Bag Maintains Constant Water Flow to Irrigation Line, 50-Pack, Green/Black

Price: $16.39
(as of Jan 13,2023 04:09:21 UTC – Details)

Raindrip PC8050B 2 GPH Pressure Compensating Drippers connect to your main irrigation supply line or at the end of a 1/4” line to customize your drip system to your individual needs. The pressure-compensating design maintains a constant 2 GPH water flow rate and operating pressure from 10-60 PSI over long circuits, hillsides, and uneven terrain. The turbulent flow design virtually eliminates clogging. Made of durable plastic, the dripper is easy to install and can be buried and “ported” up to surface with 1/4″ tubing. Raindrip stands by their product and gives a 1 year 100. If your product breaks, Raindrip will send you a new one for free, minus shipping and handling.
PRESSURE-COMPENSATING EMITTER: Maintains a constant 2 GPH flow rate even when the water pressure changes
HOW TO INSTALL: attach to end of 1/4 in. feeder line or punch directly into 1/2 in. supply tubing
USE TO WATER A VARIETY OF AREAS: Ideal for individual shrubs and trees in landscapes; and plants in container pots and hanging baskets
SELF-CLEANING: emitter features a turbulent flow design that flushes out sediments to reduce clogging
COLOR CODED: Comes with fifty 2 GPH Pressure Compensating Drippers; Color coded for easy identification of flow rate: red – ½ GPH; ideal for heavy soil/clay areas; black – 1 GPH; ideal for medium soil/loam; green – 2 GPH; ideal for sandy soil

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