Rayurain 1GPH 25PCS Nipple Outlet Online Irrigation Dripper Pressure Compensating Irrigation Emitters for Work with Drip Irrigation Parts connectors

Price: $9.26
(as of Feb 20,2023 06:53:44 UTC – Details)

The dripper is pressure-compensated, self-closing dripper with a low opening pressure.
The pressure-compensated function provides a very uniform delivery even with long pipe lengths and/or short dripper spacings.
Thanks to the self-closing effect, the dripper hose does not run dry when the pressure on the system is relieved.
This prevents the hose running dry even with a normal slope in the greenhouse.
Thanks to these features, short irrigation cycles are possible with no loss of uniformity.
Each dripper has its own inlet filter.
This filter and the unique labyrinth ensure outstanding protection against clogging.
The pressure-regulating diaphragm is made of injection-moulded silicones.
This increases the uniformity of the drippers and allows cleaning using chlorine-based agents

Pack in 25pcs ; Black; Nominal discharge: 1GPH (4L/H) ; Low CV (manufacturer’s coefficient of variation)
Pressure-compensated dripper: Uniform delivery between 14-50psi (1.0-3.5 bar), extremely suitable for longer lengths
Self-closing: The hose remains filled with water when the valve is closed; on a slope this prevents the hose running dry at the lowest point;
Equipped with an inlet filter; Equipped with a silicone diaphragm;
The application of PC dripper lies in modern greenhouse vegetable and flower growing where an accurate water delivery, short cycles and/or large bed lengths are important. also prove their worth in the growing of pot plant on shelves or for hanging plants.

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