Ruiwaer 6PCS Mini Drip Irrigation Line Hole Punch Tool Mini Drip Irrigation Hole Punch Tool Garden Drill Hose Connector Hole Punch Tubing Drip Watering Hose Accessories, Black

Price: $6.61
(as of Feb 19,2023 22:45:24 UTC – Details)

Product: PE pipe drill
Quantity: 6 pieces
Colour: Black
material: plastic

You will get 6 drip irrigation drilling tools and practical accessories for drip irrigation drilling, which is enough for you to use in the garden.
The end of the product is made of high-quality plastic, with certain firmness and waterproof, reliable and durable, and long service life.
The product can be used to drill pipe holes for drip irrigation. After inserting the end of the pipe, it can help the emitter or nozzle to use. It is an ideal drilling accessory for watering plants.
Each product is about 2 x 0.75 inch /5 x 1.9 cm long, with a punching diameter of 0.157 inch /4 mm. Punch holes in the 1/4 inch drip irrigation pipe to confirm that the hole size is appropriate, which helps to reduce the number of sprinkler equipment.
The product is applicable to irrigation drippers, sprinkler emitters and micro jets, etc.

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