Tempo Communications 521A Wire and Valve Locator – Locate Wire Path, Depth, Wire Breaks, Large Nicks, Solenoid Valves (Latest Model)

Price: $725.53 - $636.64
(as of Jan 13,2023 22:29:28 UTC – Details)

The TEMPO Communications 521A Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator (formerly Greenlee Communications) is a universal troubleshooting and maintenance tool for electrically controlled sprinkler irrigation systems. The 521A can locate the wire path, depth, wire breaks, large nicks, and solenoid valves. The 521A includes the 521A transmitter, 521A receiver, headset, carrying case and ground stake. Batteries not included.
PINPOINT VALVES: Valve solenoid ‘hotspot’ signal makes locating valves easy and rugged headphones block ambient noise
HIGH POWERED TRANSMITTER: Offers extended long range and allows use on higher resistance wire paths
ADJUSTABLE TRANSMITTER: Select the best signal for maximum performance
ADJUSTABLE RECEIVER: Features an adjustable loudspeaker audio, headset audio and visual indications of signal strength
LONG NOSE RECEIVER: Wand makes it easy for you to move quickly and locate even the longest wire paths

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