[Upgraded Pump] sPlant Big Power Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit for 15 Potted Plants, Indoor Plants Self Watering System with 30 Day Interval Programmable Timer, Watering on Working Days

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Product Description

sPlant Drip Irrigation KitsPlant Drip Irrigation Kit

splant watering systemsplant watering system

Don’t worry anymore!! When you are outside, the automatic watering system can take care of your plants, so you can rest assured to work or travel Automatic watering device is the best solution for you to take care of plants when you are out on holiday and work Using an automatic waterer to water the plants regularly every day can effectively extend the life of the plants and make the plants grow well and more lush

splant watering systemsplant watering system

How the watering unit helps for caring your plants?

√ Automatic watering and easy customization on watering cycle

√ Digital panel and simple three button for easy setting

√ Included all-in-one accessories, easy 4 steps set up

√ Two Types of Power; Supports AA battery/direct USB charge

√ Saving 70% less water than traditional spray

√ Time cycle settings are stored in internal memory automatically

√ Your Plants are never be neglected !

watering system

watering system

water drip

water drip

water tube filter

water tube filter

Automatic Watering

Automatic Watering

1. Design your loop

We recommend you to draw a design map of your loop, which indicate where the T-connectors will be used. Such a design will help you to determine how to cut the soft pipe and prevent wastes.

(Water bucket need to be placed lower than pump in case siphonage effect which is dirt track back into clean water)

2. Outlet Pipe

Measure the distance between your plant pot to the watering device, and tailor the pipe into that length.Insert dripper to one end of the tube.Install the outlet pipe with dripper to the pump.

3. Inlet Pipe

Measure the distance between the water source and the device, and tailor the pipe into that length.Insert filter to one end of the pipe.Install inlet pipe with its filter to the pump.

4. Power Supply

Insert 4 AA batteries to the power slot

or connect the 5V USB cable to the power port.

Water Timer Setting

1. Wake Up Press any button to wake up the indoor drip irrigation kit 2. Watering Time Press the left button, the time unit is second(5~55s) or minute (1~30m), when the dot is lighting means minute unit 3. Watering Interval Press the right button, the time unit is day(1~30d) or hour(1~23h), when the dot is lighting means hour unit 4. Unit Switch Long press left button or right button for fast forward, the unit is cyclic from 5 seconds to 30 minutes 5. Confrim Setting Press the middle button to confirm, it will enter to the first automatic watering mode 6. Manual Watering Press the middle button to start or stop pump working. If the “watering time” is setted up, the device will stop when finish the “watering time” 7. Attention In order to ensure that the water flow is your need, you should press the manual mode to test the “watering time”. The count of drippers or the high of your plants make different flow you get.

splant high power pumpsplant high power pump

Q&A Troubleshoot

1) Why it’s watering weakly or water overdosing? Please check:

1. Avoid Siphon. Water source /water bucket /water surface level should not be placed higher than the pump.2. Because of the high power pump, we suggest set up more than 4 drippers, the more drippers you set up the longer life of the pump.3. If you set up more than 4 drippers, please don’t set up with the cross joint (4-way joint).4. Please check the filter, we suggest clean the filter each week.5. Please adjust inlet pipe should not over than 9.8ft, 3.2~6.5ft is the best length.6. The plants should not higher than 6.5ft (vs the water source).7. Please adjust outlet pipe should not over than 33ft.8. Please check the drippers is well connected with the pipe, if not it will to be leaking.9. When finish the set up, you’d better soak the tube in the hot water (which part is connected with the drippers) to make the pipe and the dripper much compact.

2) Why it’s not working? Please check if these were well set:

1. No bending or No clogging inside the tube.2. Please check battery. The pump waters weakly when battery’s electricity volume is low. If you only use AA battery, you’d better choose alkaline battery, we suggest connect to USB power supply for frequent use.3. Timer was set correctly. [First to set watering time, second to set the interval time, third to press the middle button to confirm]4. Refer to our digital PDF manual as below for more. [Please login on your PC to find it]

3) The water flow of the drip emitter:

Because the drip emitter is voltage regulator design, it can provide the relatevely steady flow for your plants when it is correct setting; This way it can make sure each drip emitter is working and easy to control;Because of the high power pump, we suggest to connect more than 4 drip emitters;The reference average flow rate there are: 4 drippers, 60~80ml/min; 6 drippers, 60~70ml/min; 8 drippers, 50~70ml/min; 10 drippers, 40~60ml/min; 12 drippers 30~50ml/min; 15 drippers, 30~40ml/min; For example, when you setting on 4 drippers, the water flow of each drippers is about 60~80ml/min;You can according to the reference average flow rate to increase or decrease drippers for your plants;If you find some drip emitters are abnormal flow, you need to replace the hose or the drippers;

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.54 x 6.73 x 3.74 inches; 1.67 Pounds
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 24, 2019
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Splant
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07Z4T67V5

🌱【Italian Patent Design & Pump Upgrade】Patent minimalist industrial design from Italy team, always a classic look to your home. New high-power pump, power upgrade 5 times. Provide at least 15 potted water supplies! Solve water pressure problems, strong water supply. Water supply of about 700-800ml per minute, 800ml per minute without filter;
🌱【Travel/Working Good Helper】Solve your daily work, take care of plants when traveling question. Automatic watering device can help you water on time every day, make the plants grow healthier and longer lasting, and make your life easier;
🌱【Provide Steady Flow and Deep Irrigation】Because the drip emitter is voltage regulator design, it can provide the relatively steady flow for your plants when it is correct setting; This way it can make sure each drip emitter is working, and you can increase or decrease the count of drip emitters to control the water flow;
🌱【 Program Memory】Once programmed, the settings are stored in internal memory automatically. Custom programming and settings will remain in memory even if power is removed. There will be no need to reprogram the timer every time batteries are changed;
🌱【Two Ways of Power Connection】Run the indoor plant irrigation system, with 4 AA batteries or USB connection power. When the battery and USB power supply exist at the same time, the system will give priority to USB charger power. Simultaneous use can prevent power outages. (Battery Not Included);
🌱【Package Includes】Device, 33ft Hose, Irrigation Drippers(15 pcs), Three-way joint(14 pcs), Filter(1 pcs), USB wire and Manual book. Your satisfaction is our top priority, If you have any question please contact our customer service. 【There’s a update digital PDF manual (202204) for downloading and please subject to it.】

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