VIEUE Garden Drip Irrigation System Accessories Automatic Drip Irrigation System Plant Waterer Adjustable Automatic Watering Device Household Garden Plants Pointed Cone Dripper 5 Pieces

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Irrigation is even, and the slow irrigation speed allows the soil to more completely absorb the water in the root area of the plant.
When you are on a business trip or don’t want to water your flowers every day,
Plants also need drinking water, nothing is more suitable than manufacturing;
No time and money will be wasted on the smart irrigation system. These simple irrigation systems
Can be installed and run in minutes
Applicable to most international standards, such as Coke bottles, bottles, etc.
After the water storage is completed, the water and fertilizer are directly sent to the roots of the plants;
The automatic watering device needs to be inserted vertically into the soil.
Product Details:
Name: Adjustable automatic watering device
Material: PVC
Length: about 16.5cm
Bottle size: 22~28mm caliber
Color: green, orange, blue, yellow (optional)
Suitable for: balcony, flower pot, plant, potted plant
Package includes: 5 pieces x adjustable automatic watering device
The bottle mouth is universal, there is no need to poke holes in the bottom of the bottle, the appearance is more beautiful, and it is not affected by water pressure to stop watering, allowing you to travel for 3-20 days without worry about your plants.
The dripping speed can be adjusted, and the water outlet can be adjusted by rotating the regulator, turning counterclockwise, the dripping speed becomes faster, and when turning clockwise, the dripping speed becomes slower.
Beverage mineral water bottles can be arbitrarily matched/water output speed is adjustable, ordinary 550ML beverage bottles can be dripped at slow speed for 5-7 days, 2L beverage bottles can be dripped for about 7-20 days.
The size is manually measured, please allow slight measurement errors. Due to the color display of different monitors, the color of the photo may be slightly different from the actual product.

Very suitable for watering potted plants, suitable for irrigation of agriculture, lawns, and garden sprinklers
Material: PVC
Length: about 16.5cm
Bottle size: 22~28mm caliber
Color: green, orange, blue, yellow (optional)


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