Xihe Garden Irrigation Sprinklers 90 Degree Fan-Shaped Low Pressure Brass Atomizing Nozzle 3/16 Inch Threaded Atomizing Sprayer Garden Irrigation Sprinkler 40Pcs (Color : Silver)

Price: $86.26
(as of Feb 22,2023 05:08:32 UTC – Details)

Used for lawn irrigation, garden and vegetable field watering, roof cooling and other summer plant irrigation.
It is not easy to be clogged, wear-resistant, and evenly sprayed, which can effectively improve quality and production efficiency. It can effectively adjust the amount of humidification and spray effect.

Product name: fan-shaped low-pressure atomizing nozzle
Nozzle thread: 3/16" (10-24UNC)
Connector size: 3/16" internal thread to 1/2" internal thread
Working pressure: 2~30bar
Spray range: 90 degrees
Application: temperature drop, cooling, humidity, dust removal, irrigation, disinfection

1. Cool outdoor restaurants, entertainment venues, stadiums, arenas, airports, bus stations, large gatherings, cooling pigs, horses and sheep in animal farms
2. Dust removal-remove dust particles in the air, mainly used to control pollution in farms and mines
3. Agriculture-family farms, cultivating mushrooms, circus, aviary and feeding grounds, making the environment suitable for the growth of various poultry
4. Industrial metal workshop, machinery workshop, textile workshop, clothing workshop, dyeing shoes, plastic injection molding, die-casting heat treatment, glass, spray coating, electronic chemicals, metallurgy, leather, toy manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, for cooling and dust removal
5. Special-purpose spaces-gardens, zoos, shopping centers, exhibition halls, flower planting, animal husbandry, etc., humidified and cooled, and can also be used for irrigation of plants.
The lawn garden hose sprinkler is your ideal choice for irrigating courtyards, outdoor lawns, pastoral, gardens, farms, agricultural land, etc.
Nozzle thread: 3/16″ (10-24UNC)
Connector size: 3/16″ internal thread to 1/2″ internal thread
Working pressure: 2~30bar
Spray range: 90 degrees

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