15 best large leaves house plants

According to the experts, houseplants can change your lifestyle. Keeping houseplants have its benefits. And if you have an indoor plant with large leaves, it will add more aesthetic looks to your home and large leaves house plants add more style to your interiors. These best large leaves house plants will add value to the home in a cost-effective way. If you love your plants and large leaves house plants drive you crazy, then this is the article you need to go through.

15 best large leaves house plants. 

Triangle Ficus: 1. Large leaves house plants

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“Malay Gold” by Javier Alejandro, flicker is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Pic:Ficus netalensis subspecies leprieurii

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Triangle Ficus is an excellent choice if you are new to plant parenting and are looking for the gorgeous best large leaves house plants.

It doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. It has various sizes of heart-shaped green leaves with attractive off-white borders near the edges.

They grow in a mixture of ordinary potting soil and typical garden soil.

Direct sunlight can damage the leaves, so it’s better to keep them just bright places in the room. Plant them in a lot of indirect light.

Banana Tree Plant: No 2. Large leaves house plants

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Image Source – Google | Image By – maxpixel.net

The banana tree plant is perfect for a living room with white walls. With its substantial tropical leaves, the banana tree plant is well-known around the world. A mature plant can have left as large as 2 feet broad and 9 feet long.

Usually, the banana plant is most often grown outside, but it can also grow indoors. It only can grow indoor if it is placed in a sunny, bright spot with enough indirect light. During the growing season, make sure the current soil remains evenly moist overall.

Corn Plant: No 3. Large leaves house plants

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Image source – Google | Image by – flickr.com

The corn plant is the best choice among the best large leaves house plants. The corn plant, one of the most popular houseplants globally, has been loved by most Europeans. & Americans.

The Corn Plant is perfect for those who live in small apartments or have limited space.

It has a tall and narrow structure that can grow up to 4 to 6 feet tall in pots. Growing this indoor plant in the complete shade of the sun is ideal, as it does not require a lot of water, which would cause the leaves to be yellow.

Majesty Palm: No 4. Large leaves house plants.

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The majesty palm is an elegant and attractive indoor palm tree that may grow up to 10 feet tall. It is a generally slow-growing plant. Majesty palms are defined by the existence of huge green leaves that grow on top of many branches.

Keeping it healthy indoors can be challenging, and it may not be a good choice for those who have a particularly who can work hard on planting.

It is essential to maintain the health of a majesty palm by ensuring that the lighting, temperature, and nutrition are all perfect. Majesty palms are entirely non-toxic for cats, dogs, and humans, among other things.

Natal Mahogany: No 5. Large leaves house plants

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This low-light indoor tree has large and bushy deep green leaves that can cover a space adequately. And it has a lot of charm and volume to go with it. If you water it regularly, It will give you that beautiful boho depth you might be looking for.

Medium-light and watering at least once a week is necessary. The majority of the indoor trees will survive if you miss a week of watering, but the Natal mahogany will not survive this situation. If the soil dries up, it will not be able to recover.

Dracaena Marginata: No 6. Large leaves house plants.

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Dracaena grows in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each of them with their style and stature. Dracaena Marginata is among the most popular plants for those looking to create a stunning indoor garden.

This enormous houseplant may grow to be 8 feet tall, with a bush of jagged leaves and a tall and slim trunk, and it can be used to accent both vibrant and straightforward home decor themes.

Rubber trees: No 7. large leaves house plants

15 best big leaves houseplants

Rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) are an excellent choice for beginning gardeners. For those looking for large leave plants without spending a lot of money, rubber trees are perfect for them.

While plant stores charge high prices for several-foot-tall rubber trees, you can start your tree from a low-cost 4-inch pot and grow it. A small rubber plant can grow up to 2 feet in a single growing season and will keep growing for practically as long as you let it.

If the plant outgrows its pot and gets rootbound, you will need to replant it. When replanting, make sure you only go up one pot size, as overpotting can cause root damage.

African Mask Plant: No 8. Large leaves house plants

The African Mask Plant and Elephant’s ear plants both of the plant belong to the same family. It is a perennial plant. The shapes of the leaves can vary. The African Mask plant is one of the best among the best large leaves house plants. Some plant’s leaves are slim, and arrowhead and have broad heart-shaped leaves in some plants.

To plant a healthy African Mask plant, you may have to spend some extra time and effort to make it worth it. For example, this indoor plant will require warmth and excessive humidity from the ambiance.

You have to keep misting the plant at regular intervals to maintain the humidity at a proper level. Misting keeps the plant leaves healthy. After a break of two and four weeks, you have to use some fertilizer to keep the nutrient level normal in the soil.

Birds of Paradise plant: No 9. Large leaves house plants

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Interesting name, right? A perfect example for the big leave houseplants. It is also known as a crane flower. You can easily recognize the plant with the glossy look of the leaves. Big fans like leaves and orange and white flower combinations will grab your attention.

The leaves of the plant can grow around 18 inches long. If you expect flowers from the plant, then you have to wait for at least five years. It starts bearing flowers three years of its growth.

In terms of maintenance, you have to keep the plant near your window to absorb the direct sunlight—the plant bird of paradise suits best in a large room. Don’t forget to give enough water and fertilizer.

Monstera Deliciosa: No 10. Large leaves house plants.

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Difficult to spell the name? An accessible name for the Monstera Delicious is the Swiss-cheese plant. The plant got its recognition from its famous leaf holes. These leaf holes are termed as Fenestrations and it make large leaves house plants

The holes you see in this unique plant are developed to grab the speck of the sunlight to thrive. If you want to incorporate the Swiss cheese plant in the list of your house plant, then you have to place it in a larger room.

Keeping the plant in a small corner can affect the condition of the plant. The Swiss-cheese plant can endure a good amount of heat, but it is advised to keep the plant under medium indirect sunray.

Maintenance of the plant is relatively simple like another plant, and you have to keep watering the plant and add fertilizer to maintain the nutrition level for the soil.

Philodendron: No 11. Large leaves house plant.

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One of the best among the 15 best large leaves house plants is the philodendron. If you want to keep a philodendron, you must know that this plant is a creeper plant, which is quite common in the countries like Colombia, Mexico, etc.

The large leaf plant is mainly categorized under the velvety leaves with white veins designed in it. You may not find it in the local shop, and you have to order online if you want to enhance the look of your interior with Philodendron Glorious.

The leaves of the plants may be toxic for the animal if eaten. Hence keep your pet away from it. To grow a healthy plant, you will require rich soil that can drain the water quickly. Water is compulsory, and it requires indirect and bright sunlight.

Elephant Ear Plant: No 12. Large leaves house plants.

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Yes, you have guessed it right. The leaf is large and looks like an elephant’s ear. They are mainly seen as an outdoor plant, but you can also conjugate the plant inside your home, making it the most suitable house plant.

The plant’s leave can grow up to 3ft long; that also depends on the variety you are selecting.

You may have to spend a bit of time taking care of the plant. You have to keep the plant trimmed. The soil needs to be rich in peat. And soil needs to be kept moist with water. It requires bright but indirect sunlight.

Ruffled Fan palm: No 13. Large leaves house plants.

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Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ruffled fan palm houseplant looks adorable when you add the plant to your interiors. This unusual and unique-looking plant has plate shape leaves crimped on the surface and looks like a Fan.

You may have to struggle a bit while holding the plant because of the extended leave, but the presence of the plant makes a different level of comfort in the indoor.

You have to select a location that can get bright but indirect sunlight. It requires an average amount of water.

Leopard Plant: No 14. Large leaves house plants. 

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Image source – Google | Image By – flickr.com

The disc-shaped leaves look beautiful when adjusted in your room as a houseplant. It is a perennial plant. It can grow up to the range of 18 inches wide.

On the leaves of the leopard plant, you will notice a yellow mark on the plant. The plant also reproduces daisy-style yellow-colored flowers. This plant doesn’t require heavy sunlight. Hence you can keep the plant in such a corner where sun ray is missing.

Caladium: No 15. Large leaves house plants.

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One of the most appealing plants you will see in the list of houseplants with large leaves is Caladium. It has exciting features; for instance, the plant is found with different foliage with exciting colors like white, green, pink, etc.

If you are Picking caladium as a houseplant, you don’t have to worry about the sunlight. Because it can sustain its life without sunlight, with mild sunlight, Caladium can grow beautifully.

You have to trim the leaves at regular intervals.

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The Final thought 

Keeping an indoor plant adds extra value to the interior of the home but also keeps the air fresh and clean. If you are more into the best large leaves house plants, then you to be very selective. Not all houseplants with extensive leave will suit your interior. You to choose the plant according to the size of the room and availability of sunlight. But if you are successful in maintaining the large leaves house plants properly, you will give you more energy to your surroundings and home.

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