How to multiply house plants- 4 best method.

Understanding how to multiply house plants is a fun process that calls for interest, patience, and a bit of skill. Inhouse gardening is obtaining popularity with the spread of awareness and benefits of having plants at home.

Not only for physical health, being around plants is necessary for mental well-being too.

The process starts with buying few plants from the nursery and placing them at your place. To have a number many plants in your indoor or outdoor garden setup you should learn how to multiply house plants.

This will not only save your extra expense on buying more plants but will also help you in enhancing your life skills.

How to multiply house plants

To have a healthy garden more than a financial investment it needs the involvement of time, care, patience, and practice. To be a good gardener you should have expertise in how to multiply house plants.

Here we are with few tips for you to know the best time and techniques for making many plants from single house plants.

Time-specific: How to multiply house plants

Prior knowledge about plants is important

Research is the first step How to multiply house plants. Before starting the process you should know your plant better. Knowing the type of the plant, its specific propagating season, the months when it grows best is a must.

This is necessary as each plant is different so their propagating period is. Few plants reproduce in winters, few in summer, few in spring, and others in the rainy season. Knowing the exact details of the plant is very essential as propagating techniques are different for different plants.

In today’s scenario, one can collect all information with a single click all you need to have is interest and dedication. While collecting details about the plant you have completed is the first step towards the process.

Have friendly relations with your plant

Just like other living organisms plants too respond to emotions. They get attached to their owner and respond positively if proper care is taken. Attachments are common in plants too.

When an owner supervises the needs of a plant, provides timely water, fertilizer, sunlight, and love, the plants easily procreate out of courtesy. This is not mentioned often but having a long-term friendly relation with the plant always helps.

Technique specific

Different techniques used for varied plant propagation are explained below

1. How to multiply house plants using seed

For the plant, those bear seeds the best and easiest way of reproducing is germinating seeds. Many plants can be propagated using more than one method.

How to multiply house plants

Fruit-bearing plants usually produce seeds and those can be germinated easily. Process:

  1. Seeds are sprinkled over a mixture of potting soil in the germinating tray.
  2. A fine layer of soil is used to cover seeds
  3. Watered slightly whenever required.

In a few days germination begins.

Example: asparagus fern, bromeliads, cacti, coleus, gloxinia, and kalanchoe, etc.

2. How to multiply house plants using stem cutting

Flowering and show plants are mostly propagated using stems that have multiple branches and are non-fruit-bearing. The process is very simple and faster growth can be obtained using stem cutting

How to multiply house plants


  1. Separate a stem from the main tree by a diagonal cut
  2. Fill a well-draining pot with potting mixture.
  3. Place the stem in the middle of the pot.
  4. Water thoroughly.
  5. Place the pot in indirect sunlight.
  6. Water when the soil dries up.

In few days new shoots and leaves are visible.

Examples: Swedish ivy, coleus, or scented geraniums, etc.

3. How to multiply house plants via plant division

For the plants that produce pups and buds, division propagation is used. In such plants, offshoots appear from the soil beside the main plant which grows from the same root system.

How to multiply house plants

To propagate it into a separate plant the root system is divided into two parts and Both sections are planted separately.


  1. Take out the entire plant from the pot.
  2. Mark the pup that is to be separated.
  3. Divide both sections with enough root system let with each for determination
  4. Report the division is separate pots.
  5. Water thoroughly and keep in direct sunlight.

Example: corn plant and aloe vera

4. How to multiply house plants by leaf cutting.

Propagating a plant using a Leaf-cutting process can be different for different plants. In few plants, a leaf is placed in a jar full of water and in few days new roots appear.

Example: African Violet. In other plants like Begonia, a leaf is placed firmly over moist soil for a certain period and the offshoots appear from the side of the leaf.

In a few like snake plants, different sections of a single leaf are made and place in moist potting soil. After few days new plants appear from the side of the cutting.


Understanding how to multiply house plants and receive a successful plant propagation equilibrium should be established between perfect time and technique used. Each plant is different so is its reproducing technique. Positive results are obtained when the process is carried out in a set wise manner starting from proper research followed by using the most appropriate technique. Interest and knowledge can add ease and fun to the experience of gardening.

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