How To Plant, Grow and Care Geraniums – Best method 2021

How To Plant, Grow and Care Geraniums.

Do you love flowers? What a foolish question! There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t love flowers. The question should be, like Which is your favorite flower? Put your hands up if you write the name of Geranium in the box of your favorite flower. 

If Geranium is your favorite flower, and you want to grow it in your backyard, then you have landed in the right place. In this write up we will have explored how to plant, care and develop a geranium flower.  

Growing Geraniums flowers has become quite popular in the southern side. The reason behind such popularity is their bright and Vibrant blooms and fragrance. Whether it is hanging out of your window or growing in the backyard, it will only enhance the look of your house. When you are reading this article, it depicts that you are pretty interested in growing the geranium at your home. 

Here in this write up you will learn how to plant, grow and care for geranium, but apart from that, there is some more surprise that you need to know about Geranium. If you don’t want to miss the exciting info, keep reading the article until the end. Happy reading. 

The Story of Geranium. 

If you think you know geranium well, then sorry, but that’s not right. Not all flower that you know as geranium is the original geranium. The flower that you considered as Geranium might be Pelargonium. 

Generally, the origin of geranium is in South Africa, but more than a hundred similar species are pretty popular in the UK, EU, US, and Australia. And most people get confused because both geranium and other species are quite similar in style.  

If you are thinking about the pelargonium, here are the definitions that will provide you with a better idea about the same. 

The hybrid species of Geranium has been termed as pelargonium plants. To differentiate between the pelargonium and geranium, always remember the flower of Pelargonium is like a trumpet facing upward. Still, the geranium flower is in the shape of a Flat saucer with a flat five-petal in the flowerhead. Another fact about this beautiful flower is that the botanist has termed the authentic geranium as Cranesbills. 

Types of Geraniums that you may have to encounter. 

You may find very few plants that can give multiple species options, and geranium is one of them. You won’t believe Geranium has around 300 species, and every species have a wide range of color, foliage, and fragrance. Here are the most popular and common species of geranium mentioned below; let’s have a look: 

Zonal Geraniums:

Zonal Geranium is the classic one that you will find. The feature of the zonal geranium is it has either single bloom or double bloom. The color can vary from orange, yellow, burgundy, red, pink, white, and purple. This type of geranium is straightforward to grow and has excellent heat absorption and drought-resistant power. You may find a wide variety of cultivators of this flower in the Tango, Or Rocky Mountains. 

Regal Geranium 

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Also known as Marsha Washington Geraniums. How will you recognize the flower? With the help of their large and vibrant flowers. The regal geranium is considered a delicate species. They require intensive care to thrive properly. If you are growing the regal geranium in a cold atmosphere, they will bloom at their best. This species of geranium does not endure too much heat. 

Ivy Geraniums 

Have you seen those houses which have a hanging window with bunches of colorful flowers? Mostly the flower you see in a cluster are IVY geranium. They are like young school girls who like to stay in a group. They bloom in a brunch and pour the window sill with bunches of flowers. The name of this species resembles Ivy because the leave of the IVY is similar to this species. The best time to grow the IVY geranium is the early spring.

Scented Geraniums 

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This species of geranium comes with scented leaves. The velvety leaves make it look more adorable. They are not as common as other species, but Scented geraniums are the favorite of many gardeners. There are many different species, but the most popular fragrance is getting apricots, apples, mint, roses. 

Hardy Geraniums 

Another exciting species that you will find in the group of geraniums species. The good name of the hardy geranium is Cranesbill Geraniums. Hardy geraniums are straightforward to grow. This species is mainly grown outdoors. Hence it requires a good piece of land. 

Now that you know the basics of Geranium let’s look at different methods to grow the geraniums.

How to grow geranium? 

How To Plant, Grow and Care Geraniums

The first chapter of growing a geranium is the method you want to choose for prorogation. As you all know, propagation produces new plants. There is a different kind of propagation. Other plants can be grown through various asexual propagation; It can be done through cutting, layering, or grafting. While planting the geranium, the two best methods are 

  • One is through seeds collected from geranium flowers and 
  • Root cutting technique. 

Here we will discuss how you can grow the geranium with a different method. 

How to grow geranium with the help of seed?

It is not about geranium growing plants with the help of seed is quite a standard method of propagation. The first requirement of growing geranium with seed is a flat tray (Only if you want to grow multiple numbers). If you can use a lidded tray, it will be better. Or you can also use a seed starter kit. Both of them have the same function. The difference is that if you are using a tray, you have to include transplantation. 

It is advised to use a Seed starting kit with a cover. If you are entirely new to a growing plant with a seed, you can use the pre-pared potting mixture, which contains vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss. 

For Germanium, peat moss is the main element that helps the plant grow. 

There is a variety of seed starting mixes available. Whatever combination you are using, you have to check whether the mix has any fertilizer or not. 

It is better to use water-soluble diluted and balanced fertilizer after the seed starts germinating. This will assist in having healthy growth for the plant. After the completion of one week, you can bring the baby plant in sunlight. 

The starting tray cell needs to be filled with the mix and seed. Then pat the mixture lightly, or else it will become compact, and as a result, air circulation will become slow. 

It’s time to sprinkle some water on it. It is advised to use a small can for watering. Once the watering process is completed, you can keep the tray on your windowsill. 

You can keep growing the seedling in the tray until it has reached the stage from where you can transplant the baby plant of geranium. Don’t forget while transplanting the geraniums, and you have to be very careful regarding the stem. You have to complete the transplantation process smoothly and carefully. 

How to Root Geranium Cuttings

The following method to grow geraniums is the Root cutting technique. How does this work? Let’s have a look…!

Growing geranium with the help of the root cutting technique is straightforward. And it is a widespread way to increase the growth of Geranium. If you opt for the geranium root cutting process, it is advised to practice the method during autumn. Don’t make it too late, and if the temperature starts falling, it can affect the plant’s growth. 

How will you do it? 

You have to take out a cutting of about 4″ from the delicate shoot. Next, you need to cut the leaf very carefully from the joint at a 45-degree angle and then clear the lower leaves. 

Now that you have cleared the leaves, you will notice very tiny stipules on the shoot. Now with the pinching method, you have to remove those stipules. A bit of stipule on the stem can cause a mild plant disease known as botrytis disease. 

In this disease, Gray mold starts attacking the plant and does not complete the rooting process.   

Now that you have completed the cutting process, neatly keep the portion in a bit of a container with a small drainage hole. Now you have to repeat the step of using the seed starting kit. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should not cover the container. A good amount of air needs to flow through the container for the healthy growth of the plant. 

The root of the geranium proliferates; hence you don’t have to use any other hormone powder. But you can use Vitamin C for the growth of the plant. Geranium loves its vitamin. You have to dissolve the vitamin c in the water, dip the cut portion on the solution, and then put it back in the container. If you want to use the rooting hormone, it is better to use honey instead of chemicals.

 How to plant Geraniums 

Now, let’s see how to grow your favorite geraniums. To produce these beautiful and vibrant sun-loving plants will need almost seven full sunny days during their growing periods. If you want to plant geranium outdoor, the best time to start the process is the starting day of spring. You can grow the plant in the ground as a border plant or use the gardening tray. 

Preparation of soil

Growing geranium is very easy, but soil plays an important role. If the soil quality is not up to the mark, your dream of blooming geranium may fail. Before you plant the geranium, you have to prepare the soil. 

Tilling soil can enhance soil fertility. Before tilling you have to damp the soil else, it will become too dry.  And on the other hand, if the ground becomes too wet, it will become a clump which is not good for the plant.

 Geranium Care- Pinching, Pruning, and deadheading 


The first step of growing geranium is germination. But turning to the next stage is a bit different and challenging. This requires the process of pinching. For pinching, you have to wait till spring. As this is the best time to conduct the procedure. 

How To Plant, Grow and Care Geraniums


Another process that needs to be practice for geranium care is pruning. It is a bit aggressive approach. Pruning means cutting down the branches. It is essential to remove the older stalk so that new one can grow and produce vibrant flowers. If you don’t adequately practice Pruning, it will affect the look of the plant. For Pruning, you will require a pair of scissors that need to be sharp, and don’t forget to sterilize them before using them. 


Whether it is pelargoniums or geraniums, to thrive appropriately, it will require deadheading. Deadheading helps in directing the energy to the plant and increases the amount of productivity. 

Geranium As Houseplant/ Outdoor plant 

Geranium is such a flower that can be used as a houseplant as well as an outdoor plant. You can grow geranium in your windowpane, especially in winter. If you are increasing geranium as a houseplant, you can give water every week. They have the nature of drought-tolerant. Hence you can let the soil dry. Geranium needs a good amount of sunlight, and some species of geranium do not grow nicely inside the house. 

For growing the geranium outdoor, you will require the Hardy geranium. They grow best in the open ground. You can use it as a border plant in your garden. 

Four unknown facts about geraniums

Now that you are at the end of the article, it can be presumed that you are pretty eager to grow geranium. Let’s read some more interesting facts that will enhance the enthusiasm towards the flower. Here are the top 4 facts about the geraniums

– Geranium is not only suitable for decoration; it has many other benefits. The essential oil made from geranium helps in soothing the skin and enhance skin quality. 

– It also helps in reducing depression and anxiety. 

– Geranium loves to grow in pots. Hence, they thrive best when grown in a container or pot. 

– There are some particular kinds of geraniums that have a unique features. Among which some geranium has a heavily scented leaf. 

The final thought

Geranium is a beautiful flower with a unique feature. It is effortless to care for geranium, and you just have to take care of the plantation method. Just imagine a house full of rainbow color geranium; how adorable can it look. Just imagine.

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