Right size plant pots – For best growing

First of all, heartiest congratulations from our side if you’re looking for the right size plant pots, this shows that you have loving and caring for plants. Planting pot, container, and planter means the same and are widely used in home garden, container garden, and nursery.

Before we start any discussion over planting and pots, we have to understand what is a pot? A pot is generally small and round-shaped which is used to contain plants. A plant container plays a very necessary role in the life of plants by sheltering them, providing space, food, water, etc.

A right size planter is responsible for the efficient absorption of nutrients by the plant. Accordingly, the right size plant containers play an important role in plant growth. In this article, we will be discussing pot sizes, their merits, and their demerits.

right size plant pots

Does right size plant pots matter?

Yes, The size of a pot matters a lot because we always refer to pots by their sizes. The size does not refer to the size of the plant at all, the pot size refers to the diameter of the pot that will be used for the plantation. For instance, 4 inches pot size doesn’t refer to the plant or pot size, it means that the plantation will be done in a pot having 4 inches diameter. Pot Size is very important as different plants are planted in different pots having various sizes.

Importance of right pot size

The plants you want to Grow will need space and shelter to grow well within the pots.  The roots need a good amount of water and nutrients which results in the good growth of the plant. Good pot size will complete the need of required water and nutrients needed by transferring the water and nutrients to all the components of a plant. A larger pot will allow the soil to retain the moisture better than a small-sized pot.

Demerits of choosing wrong pot size-:

A wrong pot size may harm your plant in various ways. A wrong size pot will not allow your plant to grow. A plant needs sufficient space for growth. A wrong size pot will not allow a plant to get the required space. A wrong size pot will also not allow the required nutrients and water to reach the branches and leaves of a plant. So you have to be wise while choosing the correct pot size because the life and growth of your plant are dependent on the pot size.

Right Pot-sizes for different plants -:

10 inches pots-:

You can grow herbs as well as vegetables like leaf lettuce, turnips, strawberries, small carrots, etc. in 10 inches pots. They can hold two and a half to three gallons of soil.

14 inches pots-:

The 14 inches pot is an ideal size pot for growing cabbage, peas, large carrots, spinach, etc.

18 inches pots-:

The 18 inches pot size is an ideal spot for growing vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes.

24 inches pot-;

This sized pot is considered best for growing pomegranate, apple, and dwarf peach trees.

30 inches pots-:

The 30 inches pots are generally served as nursery pots for trees that grow in the ground. Trees including pear, apple, and plum can be grown in these pots.

Right pot size for indoor and outdoor plants-:

When choosing an indoor or outdoor plant pot you should choose a pot that is 1-2 inches larger than the current size of the plant if the plant is currently in a 10-inch pot or smaller. If your current pot size is more than 10 inches, you should choose a pot that is 2-3 inches larger in diameter.

Pot Size available online-:

If you’re confused about pot sizes like where to buy, how to buy etc then now you don’t have to worry. You can buy pots for your plants online. There are plenty of pot sizes that are available online on Amazon and Flipkart. 

Pots of different sizes are available online. You can buy your preferred pot size with just 1 click. Trust baskets, Saro PP flower pot, agritech smart plastic plants are considered some of the best brands for purchasing your plant pots. They are available in sets of 12, 4, 6, etc. You can purchase it individually too.

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