HOGARD 10.6″ x 5.1″ Drywall Trowel, Premium | Best Stainless Steel Plastering Trowel | Plaster Finishing Trowel Hand Tool with Ergonomic Handle.

Price: $19.99
(as of Jan 25,2023 12:49:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Plastering finishing trowelPlastering finishing trowel

Premium qualityPremium quality

Sharp blade

Sharp blade

Tough Mount

Tough Mount



SHARP BLADE: Smooth Finishing Made Easy

When it comes to masonry, the key to a professional finished product is attention to detail. The sharp blade on this plaster finishing trowel allows you to get into tight seams and joints to leave a uniform surface that makes your project pop

TOUGH MOUNT: Industrial Grade Construction

While other trowels have weak attachments between the handle and the blade, our is connected with a thick durable joint. That means that this trowel can handle heavy use for years without bending or breaking

ERGONOMIC: The perfect fit in your hands

We design our products with special attention to the ergonomics of the handles. Ensuring that your wrists are safe even if you work for extended periods of time. The anti-slip rubber grips are made of the highest quality materials ensuring exceptional comfort

Stainless Steel Blade

Ergonomic Handle




PREMIUM PLASTER FINISHING TROWEL – HOGARD drywall trowels are designed to apply and smooth lime and gypsum plasters. The trowel’s smooth blade is made of the highest-quality, solid, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Our high-quality plastering trowel can be used for just about anything. It lasts longer and will not discolor finish materials.
PERFECT FOR LIGHT-COLORED FINISHES – Our finishing trowels are the best concrete working tools. They’re especially recommended for white or light finishes because they won’t leave a discoloration on the finish, which can be an issue if you’re using an older, non-stainless trowel.
ANTI-SLIP RUBBER GRIPS – Ergonomic, nonslip rubber grips provide exceptional comfort during use. We design our plastering trowels paying special attention to grip ergonomics. We want to keep your wrists safe even if you work for a long time. Top-quality materials and the new, comfortable grip ensure the long life of HOGARD drywall trowels. We brand each plaster tool as our guarantee that every piece has been carefully tested.
INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES APPLIED – Our constant investment in innovative manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art warehousing increases our production effectiveness through every step of the process, including design, injection of plastic elements, cutting and bending of metal parts, coating, and final assembly of our plaster trowels.
IDEAL, SMOOTH FINISHING – Drywall trowels are widely used in renovation work to even the materials out for a smooth finish. When using this plastering tool, the correct amount of plaster should be placed on its flat surface for application on the wall or floor. Our HOGARD plastering trowels ensure an ideal, smooth finish. HOGARD tools were designed for all experience levels.

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