Wine Aerator Decanter Pourer Set with Filter and Travel Bag, Make Wine Aerated Quickly, Wooden Lines Decoration and Bevelled Design, Gift for Wine Lover

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Product Description


Focus on Your Passions, and Enjoy without Limitations

IEOVO is an enterprise focusing on the research and development of alcohol peripheral products. In order to take your wine tasting experience to the next level, we have invested a lot of time and energy to ensure that IEOVO’s products are the best on the market. We firmly believe that they will enhance your wine tasting experience.

When you choose our wine aerator pourer, you will get quality products! This mini wine spout aerator is the perfect gift for wine lovers, lovers and casual drinkers.


Is a Wine Aerator Worth It?

With a traditional decanter, it can take between half an hour to a few hours for wine to properly breathe. Who has the time for that?

The IEOVO Wine Aerator Pourer will aerate wine more effectively and faster than traditional decanter.

When the air and wine liquid merge, a large number of bubbles are generated, so that the oxygen in the air and the tannins in the wine are quickly oxidized, so as to achieve the effect of sobering the wine instantly Smell the aromas and taste the nuances as described on your wine label by simply pouring yourself a glass.Compact design ensures you can carry this anywhere you go without hassle.







Give an Amazing Present to Your Loved Ones

IEOVO wine aerator is an excellent gift for wine lovers and lovers. Anyone will be happy to receive this beautifully packaged product as a gift for any occasion. It was pleasant from the beginning!

Makes Superior Aeration by Using the Bernoulli Effect

The wine aerator uses saturated air mixing and the Bernoulli effect to obtain the highest level of wine aeration. The gurgling sound and the large number of bubbles in the wine stream let you know that your aeration ability is strong!

Impress Your Friends and Make Them Talk About You

This attractive wine aerator is both stylish and practical! It develops the wine’s flavors and allows its body and character to mature quickly. In addition, this wine aerator can be used with any kitchen, bar or restaurant decoration.

Combo Differences
Comes with one diamond head wine aerator pourer Comes with one round head wine aerator pourer Set comes with one diamond head wine aerator pourer and one chiller stick Set comes with one round head wine aerator pourer and one chiller stick

High-Quality Materials

Elegant Packaging

For Wine Lovers

For Wine Experts

Wine Aerator Pourer

Wine Chiller Stick

ENJOY IT NOW: Unique design of 10 air intakes and multistage aeration, which aerates the wine effectively and makes the most of your potentiality appreciating the wine in seconds. With it, you can enjoy the wine whenever without waiting.
DETAIL UPGRADE: IEOVO wine aerator adopts the bevelled design. With a detachable and tight filter, it could filter impurities and assist in oxidation, which can enhance the texture of wine.
CHIC APPEARANCE: Transparent acrylic with wood grain waist and base, which makes it look superior and adds perfect atmosphere to daily using, parties, birthdays, festivals and other celebrations. It is also suitable to be sent as a gift with exquisite packing.
HIGH-QUALITY AND PORTABLE: Made of superior acrylic without BPA, which is 100% unpoisoned and easy to wash. Light size and storage bag for free, so that you could take it conveniently.
PERFECT GIFT: This wine aerator is one necessity for wine lovers, smart and practical, it couldn’t be more suitable for it to be given to your family and friends!

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