3 Pcs Plant Watering Globes Heart Shape Automatic Watering Bulb Transparent Plant Self Watering Globes Plastic Balls Watering Spikes Decorative Watering Drip Ball for Indoor Outdoor Flowers and Plants

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Though there are various options for regulated watering, the self watering spikes are some of the cheap options out there apart from hydroponic systems. Yes, plant watering bulbs work well for small and medium-sized plants that don’t need a lot of water at once. Water Globes Keep Plants Watered for Weeks: You have to refill the globes every week or two. The watering globes are not designed to save time, but to moderate the water plants receive. It won’t take care of your plants on that month-long vacation, and it won’t remove “houseplant care” from your to-do list. Plant Self Watering Devices Keep Soil Moisture Constant: What the globes will do is administer a steady dose of water that is absorbed as your soil dries out. That means no more overflowing drainage trays or waterlogged plants. It also means that the rate of emptying depends on your soil – they may last two weeks in some soil and only a few days in different soil. Watering Bulbs for Sensitive Plants: While many houseplants can simply be watered once a week or so, some plants seem to suffer if they dry out even for a day. If your plants wilt too easily, the watering systems can help. However, keep in mind that wilting may be a sign that your plant needs to be repotted. Inserting Self Water Globes in Soil: Full water globes are pretty top heavy. They work best in bigger pots with deeper plant roots, so that they can be planted deep enough to keep from falling over.
❤ What You Will Get: The package comes with 3 pcs heart shape plant watering globes. The self watering globes slowly release the perfect amount of water into the soil, allowing your plants to grow healthily.
❤Quality Material: The plastic transparent watering ball is made of high-quality PVC material, and the remaining water can be clearly seen. Each size 6.3×2.1 inch, with a capacity of 80 ml. Suitable for indoor and outdoor plant self watering. The plants can be watered for up to 2 weeks to maintain the nutrients they need.
❤Steps for Usage: In the first step, put the bottom of the automatic watering device into the soil. In the second step, pour water into the watering device. In the third step, no additional operations are required, and water will automatically flow into the soil from the bottom. There are two ways to add water: you can unscrew the lid and add water, which is faster. Or you can pour the water directly into the top of the plant watering device without removing it from the soil.
❤Wide Applications: This houseplant watering bulb does not take up space and is suitable for indoor plants, hanging plants, potted plants, garden plants and outdoor plants, etc. Different plants require different amounts of water, and the angle of the plants can be adjusted according to the amount of water.
❤Great Gift Idea: Watering bulbs are ideal gifts for plant lovers or gardeners. Watering balls are thoughtful and great gifts for them to decorate your garden or room while maintaining plant nutrition.


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