32 Pack Automatic Plant Watering Stakes Potted Plants Watering Spikes Houseplant Self Watering Devices Terracotta Self Drip Irrigation Waterer Set for Indoor Outdoor Vacation Plants Nanny (White)

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Product Description




Warm Tips:

1. In order to water better, please keep the bottle watering device below the high end of the green plastic cover.

2. The dropper is filled with water to form a vacuum to work properly.

3. Please note the demand of each plants and pots size, and use the appropriate watering devices.

4. If it fails to water your plants, please repeat the above operation steps.

5. After months of using, the ceramic piece parts need to be cleaned so as not to affect the effect of continue-using.

6. You can control the depth of the ceramic spike inserted into the soil to control the amount of watering, insert deep to water more, insert shallow to water less.







If your plant likes to be in damp, then your water source should be placed even with the plant pot.

If your plant likes to be more dry, you will place your water source below the level of your plant pot.

If your plant wants to be very moist, then your water source should be above your plant pot.


How to Use: first, remove the top of the houseplant watering stake, place the top and terracotta pile in water for at least 15 minutes, this will allow the pores in the clay to open up; Second, remove the stake from the water and close the green cap with full water in stake; Finally, push the self watering planter insert into the soil and place the hose at the bottom of the water container, the water level is higher than the level where the plants are located
Automatic Watering Design: the plant watering spikes drainage will be approx. 75 ml/ 24 hours, the bigger the reservoir or container of water, the longer they water your houseplants; When the soil dries, the terracotta watering system delivers water into the surrounding earth, once the soil is moistened enough, the plant drip irrigation will cease flowing water, self watering plants only they need water; Note: the water level must be higher than the plants
You will Get: our package has 32 pieces automatic water devices, enough quantity is suitable for different types of plants in your home; Use these water drippers for plants, can balance the humidity of soil to protect the roots of the plants and help them to thrive, allowing you to plan your next trip or vacation with peace of mind
Quality Material: the plant feeder watering is mainly made of ceramic material, the part of ceramic insert is porous; Our plant waterer is environmentally, friendly and sustainable use, simple, efficient and easy to install, these make our product last for years
Indoor and Outdoor: our plant water funnel can be applied all year round, whatever rain or shine, and are adaptable for outdoor and indoor use, such as office, home or garden, yard; While on vacation, your plants will take care of themselves by our slow release automatic watering kit, but please test the releasing speed of water before you go out to protect your plant’s life


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