AHOUGER Self Watering Spikes,Self Watering Planter Insert and Plant Watering Globes,4Pcs Plant Watering Stakes Bulbs Devices for Indoor Outdoor Plant with 3Pcs Garden Tools

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Who Are We?

At AHOUGER, we truly believe everyone deserves a better life. We’ve made it our goal to serve customers by offering a range of budget-friendly household items that are trendy, yet functional. We’re dedicated to enhancing your view of lifestyle– LOVE FOOD LIFE, without paying for anything you don’t need. Since 2012, we’ve served more than 10 million homes worldwide and have become one of the most popular online sellers of homes.

Self-Watering Stakes

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How did we get started?

We started since sending our products as gift to a few of our friends and get positive feedbacks. we’ve made it our goal to serve every customers by offering a range of budget-friendly household items.

Whether the quality is high?

Our products are made of high-quality materials. We also provide you with: Money-back in 30days ; Replacement in 60days-1year; Email-reply in 24hours.

Why do we love what we do?

We turly believe our products could help you and your family with enjoying a balanced and healthy diet, and we could think of no better way to bring happiness to customers.

YOUR SWEET PLANT NANNY: Self watering spikes will automatic watering 7*24hours,the terracotta tip will be better at slow releasing the water better into the soil,which will help you keep plants alive and happy.You don’t worry about them lose soil or nutrients.
EASY WORK & ENJOYED YOUR VACATION: In a busy life,save your time, you don’t worry about forgetting to water your plants and prevent over water.Fill up water of plant watering globes when you go out, and you can enjoy your vacation with your families or friends for a week. 
KIDS LOVE BEAUTIFUL & CUTE DESIGN: Your kids will love the carrot shape design and lovely modeling.The self watering stakes are beautiful enough to always keep in the planters and add to the aesthetic.
EASY TO USE AND FILL: You can see the water level very easily.Just put self watering planter insert into soil and fill with water,Like the fact the plants drink at their pace.
HALLOWEEN CHRISTMAS GIFT: Ideal for family and friend who love plants.Thickened Package to ensure that the ceramic tip will not break.Includes: 4Pcs durable vacation plant watering devices with 3Pcs mini gardening tools.To meet your needs of pot plants, both indoor and outdoor plants.

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