AOPANDA Plant Watering Globes, Self Watering Flower Pot Insert, Plastic Self Watering Bulbs, Large Capacity, for Indoor and Outdoor Plants, 9pcs.

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Product Description

Love the earth, save water, start from the little things, start from the little things.

Plant Watering Globes, AOPANDA Self-Watering Flower Pot InsertPlant Watering Globes, AOPANDA Self-Watering Flower Pot Insert

The design principle of AOPANDA plant watering ball is the principle of water seepage. Helps water as the situation requires it will release water slowly, slowly moistened the soil. So it doesn’t overwater and overwhelm the plant.

Plant Watering Globes Plant Watering Globes

working principle:

When the soil dries, the air is released into the self watering, and the watering globe releases the exact amount of water for the soil to absorb.


Plant Watering GlobesPlant Watering Globes

There is no need to worry about plugging the soil into the pipes when some self-watering pots are inserted into the soil. There is no need to worry that the water will not go down quickly. Normally, it will seep out in 3-5 days. However, due to the different degree of soil dryness and different particle sizes, it may also be dripped quickly. Please keep your plants water. At the same time, the insertion depth can be adjusted according to the size of the plant.

【SELF WATERING】: When you travel on vacation, AOPANDAplant watering globes can take good care of your plants, free your hands and start the easy flower gardening mode
【LARGE CAPACITY】: 250ML plant watering device large capacity, let the water slowly seep into the soil, can meet the normal 3-5 days of plant water needs.
【EASY TO USE】: We have prepared a dispensing funnel for you to quickly fill the water, when the water is full, flip and press into the soil, it will automatically water your plants.
【MATERIAL】:PVC plastic material, strong, not fragile, do not worry about pets scratching. Can be used repeatedly to add water and nutrient solution. Transparent surface, you can observe the amount of water.
【WHAT YOU GET】9 individually wrapped watering balls, 5 small watering funnels

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