Blumat Tropf Medium Box Kit – Automatic Irrigation for Up To 12 Plants (12 Pack), Water Up to 12 Plants | Garden, Patio, Hanging Baskets, Raised Bed, Greenhouse | Sustainable Outdoor Irrigation System

Price: $98.95
(as of Jan 15,2023 15:09:23 UTC – Details)

From the brand

Sustainable Village brandSustainable Village brand

Automatic Watering

Every individual plant regulates its own watering, totally individually and only as required.

tropf blumattropf blumat

No more hand watering

Let the plant decide when it wants to be watered.

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Tropf DissectedTropf Dissected

Smart Watering Technology

This ceramic cone uses the principle of hydrostatic pressure, delivering water extremely slowly, & at the plant’s own preferred rate.

What volume pot is one carrot designed for?

One carrot without drippers can water a 1-5 gallon pot. A carrot with some additional distribution drippers offers the best coverage for 3-20 gallon pots.

What makes our products unique?

Blumat Watering Systems automatically maintain the best moisture levels.

They create ideal plant growing conditions.

Have the ability to produce higher yields and quality.

Save huge amounts of time and work, and nutrients!

No need for any electricity.

When do I have to readjust my system?

There is no need to readjust unless the reservoir goes dry or you are noticing issues.

AUTOMATIC DRIP IRRIGATION: Automate your watering without power, batteries, pumps, or timers; They save time, water, and nutrients; provide healthier, more potent, and faster-growing plants
HIGH QUALITY CERAMIC: Made in Austria, durable and reliable, a small adjustable brown knob on top controls the amount of water going to each individual plant; Designed for greenhouses, patios, decks, raised beds and outside gardens
NO MORE UNDER OR OVER WATERING: This system adjusts to any plant type or desired moisture level; each plant gets just what they need
GO ON VACATION: This irrigation system automatically waters your plants when you are away for vacation or can’t otherwise water your plants
EASY SET UP: No pumps necessary, your plants will get the water they need to survive during power outages; You will never have to worry about a pump and you can go off on vacation and have your plants look after themselves

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