Clayworx Frog Plant Watering Spikes, 4X Self Watering Spikes! Terra Cotta Plant Watering Devices. Automatic Plant Waterer Spike. Indoor Nanny Decorative Water Globe System to Water Plants While Away

Price: $39.95
(as of Jan 11,2023 05:14:44 UTC – Details)

Self-Watering Stakes That Don’t Let Intruders Know You’re on Vacation! When it comes to plant waterers, you might think they’re all the same. But these little security conscious frog hydro spikes are here to show you that not every indoor plant watering device is! But don’t take our frog’s word for it, you get to decide. Wine bottle feeders are unsightly, bulky, hard to fill and crack the side of the stake. Plastic water globes release water too fast, and too small for long refills Tube and reservoir systems let intruders know in bold letters “I’M AWAY ON VACAY!” And some spikes, globes and stakes require filling from the bottom. What a hassle! 100% terracotta is often best, because they drip water slowly using osmosis. Once the soil is wet enough, it stops, and when it dries, it starts again. The terracotta literally works WITH the soil, instead of fighting it like plastic does. Plants have healthier roots without alerting intruders that you’re away. But what about size? Do you want a ginormous mushroom blocking your plant’s aesthetic or a tiny 2.7floz bird that’s too small for the “set and forget” watering you want. Our 7.5” frogs are created specifically for aesthetics, ease of use, and watering ability! At 6floz with a top loading reservoir, you’ll get 3-5 days of watering without obscuring your plant. So you can see there’s more to know and love about having a Clayworx frog doing your vacation watering for plants. But in case you needed one more reason, check out those FOUR cute expressions! Much less disturbing than 3 ceramic ornaments with the same vacant stare, wouldn’t you say! Try them out from Clayworx and let these ‘green thumb’ frogs look after your plants while you’re away.
There’s more to love about Clayworx automatic watering system than just how damn cute those frogs are! Not only are they easier to fill and deliver a precise amount of water in a precise amount of time, but these security conscious frogs do it all without letting strangers know you’re out of town!
When natural osmosis meets our porous terracotta your plants will enjoy controlled watering while you’re away. Because unlike water bottle plant spikes or plastic plant watering globes, 100% terracotta watering spikes do it slowly over 3-5 days instead of drowning them before you walk out the door
Size matters when it comes to indoor plant spikes. Giant 9floz mushrooms detract from your plant’s aesthetic, while 2.7floz birds and tiny self watering globes are too small for the “set and forget” watering you want. But our 6floz frog figurines are sized for good looks and healthy hydrated plants.
Have you seen those watering bulbs with reservoirs and tubes sitting around? Or the inverted bottle water spikes? Well, so have intruders. So, don’t make it obvious the house is empty, instead let your frogs hold the fort with an automatic plant watering system that looks like generic frog decor.
More attractive than inverted wine bottles, more security conscious than an indoor plant watering system, slower watering speed than plastic, easier and less frequent to fill, small enough to not be mistaken as a garden statue and comes in 4 different expressions instead of 3 of the same vacant stare. Clayworx Frog Watering Stakes – Auto watering for plants without any of the ‘auto-water’ hassles.

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