GardenBasix Indoor Soil Moisture Meter Watering Alarm Plant Water Tester Hygrometer Sensor Gardening Tool Kit for Planter Water Remind Warining Alert Content (Black)

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After removing the transparent film behind the bird seat, the battery will be electrified. If you want to turn off the singing function, please touch two probes at the same time, or insert the probes into the wettest soil.

After inserting the probe of the humidity sensor into the soil, the singing should stop after a moment. If the singing continues, please water your potted plants. The built-in automatic optical sensor will automatically turn off the singing reminder function at night, but it will still automatically sing when it senses sunlight to indicate sufficient power.

Note: Fine abrasive paper and steel wool may be required to clean the tip of the probe regularly. It can sense the pH value of the soil and detect whether the soil fertility is too low. If you continue to sing after watering, check the pH value of the soil. The pH value of indoor plants should be between 3 and 8.

Watering: Watering is required every 15 seconds when singing.

GardenBasix GardenBasix GardenBasix GardenBasix GardenBasix

Refined Plastic Refined Plastic Refined Plastic Refined Plastic Refined Matte PP

4″ 7″ 7″ 16″ 20″

Pack of
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White White Green/Blue/Orange White Black

1. Most potted plant deaths are caused by water shortage or excessive watering. This lovely soil humidity sensor will whistle when the soil is short of water to remind you to water the plants. So you don’t have to water plants too much for fear of water shortage.
2. Don’t bother to look at the numbers on various indicators, just water them when they call, and make your life easier.
3. Cute design can be used as an ornament for flowerpots to make your garden more beautiful.
4. It’s very simple to use. Just pull out the plastic sheet at the bottom and it will start to work. When you just insert it into the soil, it will make the calls of birds or frogs, but once moisture is detected in the soil, it will stop singing.
5. The standard size button battery can last for one year. At the same time, there is a light sensor at the bottom of the product, which will stop working at night to avoid disturbing your rest.


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