Glass Plant Watering Globes Large to Medium Size, Adjustable Outdoor Indoor Watering Devices, Aqua Globes, Self Watering Globes, Water Globe, Water Plant Stakes, Spikes.

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(as of Jan 17,2023 10:04:55 UTC – Details)

Product Description

aqua globes, watering globes, plant watering globesaqua globes, watering globes, plant watering globes

Automatic Watering Device

aqua globes, watering spheres, plant watering globes, watering bulbs, automatic watering deviceaqua globes, watering spheres, plant watering globes, watering bulbs, automatic watering device Additional accessories included to make it adjustable and easier to use

They are packed in Styrofoam box so they can travel safely. They will make a great gift for every plant lover and can nicely decorate any house or garden. Easy to use eliminating the mess, daily care, and lack of adjustment.

Colorful Hand Painted Plant Watering Globes

Make you plants even more beautiful and lusher

Simple to use watering device suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Improved with an additional plastic tube to make it adjustable, cleaner, and easier to use.

Beautiful Adjustable Cleaner Simpler Indoor or Outdoor

πŸ‘ŒπŸŒ± IMPROVED DESIGN – We wanted to fix some of the common problems using watering globes. 1. Clothing the glass tube with dirt. (Now you put the glass spikes in a plastic tube that stays in the dirt) 2. Difficulties adjusting the flow (Now you make a small hole in the bottom of the tube and water first fills the tube and then flows from the tube with a slower rate), 3. Hard to fill them up with water and making a mess with dirt. (Now the bulb is clean and you can us the funnel provided).
🌸🌺 DECORATIVE & BEAUTIFUL – Glass watering globes are colorfully hand painted to add a more artistic look to your garden or house plants while doing their job of auto watering plants. You can combine them with different colors of plants adding your taste to the garden. They are much easier to use then most automatic watering systems for plants.
✈️😎 WE KEEP IT HONEST ABOUT VACATIONS – Glass Watering Stakes can not keep watering plant for more than 2 weeks. There is simply not enough water in them. With this amount of water they can drip for up to 4-5 days depending on your adjustment. We recommend them for regular watering, refilling every 4-5 days. You can use more than one self watering spikes for more stable vacation plant watering system.
🌳🌱 CAREFULLY AND SAFELY PACKED MAKING A GREAT GIFT – This automatic plant waterer is packed in a Styrofoam box and can travel safely. These simple plant self watering devices make a great gift for every plant lover who needs self watering devices for plants, self watering planter insert or automatic watering system for potted plants or outdoor plants. You can also decorate every house plant or garden set up. It’s easy to use and adjust eliminating the mess and daily care.
β€οΈπŸ’² LOVE IT OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK – We stand behind our products 100%. If there is anything you need, please write us here directly and we will make our best to answer your questions, fix it, 100% refund it, or replace it with a new product. We sell glass plant watering bulbs and plant watering devices since 2017. Thank you for your trust!

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