Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer 16 Inch Cutting Hydroponic Bud Leaf and Flower with Sharp Stainless Steel Blades

Price: $129.99
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Growtent Garden 16-inch Bud TrimmerThis Leaf bowl trimmer is a hand-trimming bowl trimmer with a removable handle, used for spinning, removing leaves and preserve buds from a multitude plants for projects like making essential oils and and potpourris.
It is mainly composed of rubber handle, transparent plastic cover, center grate, stainless steel bottom bowl and rubber mat, which will not damage plants in the process of pruning.
It is a time-saving, labor-saving and efficient bowl trimmer.
Parts Performance
Rubber handle:

The movable rubber handle has strong anti-skid ability and is easy to store, reducing space occupation.

Transparent plastic cover

Transparent plastic cover enables you to see the construction process more clearly and supervise the pruning,

Stainless steel bottom bowl

Stainless steel bottom bowl is used to hold unnecessary sundries When trimming, it is easy to clean sundries,

Rubber mat:

The design of anti-skid rubber mat will not allow the machine to move in the use process, so it is convenient to use.

Rubber strip:

The black food grade rubber strip on the transparent cover is used to help the plant move its position, reduce the stickiness between plants, and trim it more quickly and effectively.

Balance blade:

the replaceable sharp blade can reduce the damage of plants in the use process, which is convenient and fast to use.


Safe And Pollution-Free
Efficient And Fast
No Damage to Fruit
Easy to Use
Easy to Install
Removable Handle
Convenient Storage

Note: When replacing the blade and cleaning the machine, please store and clean the blade carefully to prevent cutting.
【ADVANCED RUBBER STRIP SCISSORS 】: Use the power of 30 scissors in a unit, to effectively sweep the plants to promote the speed of pruning, and reduce the damage to the plants during pruning.
【HIGH QUALITY】: Replaceable blades allow you to replace more suitable blades when cutting wet and dry plants; the transparent plastic cover can clearly observe the pruning situation.
【STRONG FIXATION】: The non-slip mat can prevent the mower from moving around during use, stabilize the position, and increase the cutting speed.
【HIGH EFFICIENCY 】: Advanced metal wheels can increase the cutting speed of the blade and save time; the stainless steel bowl bottom, the device trims the fallen leaves, can save the finishing time after use, and can trim excess leaves and branches on various plants and flowers.
【PACKAGE INCLUDE】:Come with 1 razor blade, 1 serrated blade, 1 scissors and 1 instructions;welcome to ask us if you have any question.

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