HUNTHAWK Plant Watering Stakes Owl, Self Watering Spikes Automatic Terracotta Spiral Devices with Irrigation Watering System for Outdoor Indoor Plants 6 Pcs

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Product Description

owl plant watering spikersowl plant watering spikers

Owl Self Watering SpikesOwl Self Watering Spikes

Self Plant Watering Spikes Devices for Indoor Outdoor Plants

Do you spend a lot of time watering plants every day?

HuntHawk self watering stakes nanny your plants.

Recycle used wine bottles and use them to water your plants for you

Versatile use with indoor and outdoor plants

Grow healthier plants by preventing over or under watering

Travel more without having to worry about someone to water your plants

Clearly see when to refill so your plants stay hearty and robust

water plants spikes

water plants spikes

indoor plants watering

indoor plants watering

travel and self watering plants

travel and self watering plants

Outdoor Self Watering Spikes

No need to find a nanny for your plant or plants while you are on vacation because Watering Spikes does the work for you, automatic and effortless.

Indoor Self Watering Spikes

This Terracotta pack of four self-watering spikes is a great solution when you have to be away from home for a long time and need something reliable to take care of your flowers and plants.

Vacation and Travel

Don’t worry that no one will help you water your plant on holiday. Average watering time is 15-20 days, deeping on the dryness of your soil, humidity, etc.

Four step show how to use

add water

add water

make hole

make hole

right stake

right stake

self watering

self watering

Step 1

Add the right amount of water to the bottle

Step 2

Dig a hole in the soil

Step 3

Keep the stake upright in the soil

Step 4

Plug the bottleneck in with two fingers and turn the bottle upside down quickly into the water spikes

【Design】- This self watering owl pots dropper, which can water plants automatically, according to our family gardening, Keep your moisturize plants all year long without spending all your time watering.
【2 Mode】- 1: Fill the Plant Watering Globes with water for 6 days (if you have been at home or you have been away for less than 6 days). 2: Add a container (such as a wine bottle) to the Watering Stakes and fill it with water. This product can be used for more than 20 days.(If your plants are large, use two or more Plant Watering Globes at the same time)
【Easy to Use】① Fill the bird watering bulbs with water; ② Use other tools to dig a hole in the soil and then insert the watering owls into it.
【Material】That watering globes planter drip with self irrigation watering system, made from terracotta with is a little fragile due to its composition,so you must dig a hole in the soil and then put the stake into soil.
【Customer Service】If the plant water bulbs is not working properly, we will refund you the full amount. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we will do our best to help you


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