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A stunning addition to your home interior, our modern watering can for indoor plants is a great asset for any indoor garden and plant pots!

Having a matte white body, a natural wooden curved shape handle, and a long spout this is a perfect choice for anyone who loves their houseplants, flower pot, bonsai,plant desk.

Its unique and simple design makes it easy and comfortable to use for anyone in your home, serving as cute decor and a plant watering can.

The stainless steel body is powder coated in a white color allowing it to fit with any decor while keeping the can rust free and able to use for a long time!

It s the perfect combination with planters for indoor plants, plants live houseplants, planters for outdoor plants, small pots for plants.



Kampasy Indoor Plant Watering CanKampasy Indoor Plant Watering Can


Meet the perfect watering can for keeping your interior jungle in tip-top condition.

Its elegantly curved non-drip spout delivers pinpoint watering accuracy, helping avoid splashes around your potted plants, house plants, hanging plants, desk plant, small plants, succulent plants!

The perfect water can tool for keeping your plants happy and watered, especially when it is so easy to refill!

This plant watering can is the perfect water storage for your indoor plants with only 35 OZ capacity.

At only 10.6*5.3in this can is super easy to store in small houses, tiny home, office desk, and apartments


Outdoor Use of Watering Can

Outdoor Use of Watering Can

Watering Can used in Indoor Garden

Watering Can used in Indoor Garden

White Watering Can for Indoor Plants

White Watering Can for Indoor Plants

Outdoor Activity!

This small watering can be one of your house plant accessories for outdoor and indoor gardening.

A great friend to your outdoor planters, herb planter, real plants.

Easy indoor reach!

An elegant and versatile companion to help you grow your own.

Perfectly balanced with a long curved spout for pinpoint accuracy.

This watering can makes it easy to aim the flow of water when you are watering your garden pots, office plants, flower pots.


The modern, design fits any decor and looks great on display. With a matte white body and a natural curved wooden handle, this watering pot brings unicity to your home or office!

Natural Curved Wood HandleNatural Curved Wood Handle


The curved thick wooden handle makes it easy to hold the can, offering comfort whilst watering your houseplants.

The handle has stainless steel screws, unlike other watering cans for indoor plants which use thin, hard to hold metal handles that make watering difficult.

This feature offers a great grip, won t slip at all, and makes the wood last longer.

Top shape and inside bodyTop shape and inside body


With a 35 OZ capacity, you can now water all your plants in one go, no more refilling or pouring from a cup.

The top shape is built to offer full control of your water by preventing leaks and spills.

Ideal for watering delicate seedlings, small plants, flowers, and plant pots.

Gooseneck For Pinpoint AccuracyGooseneck For Pinpoint Accuracy


This metal watering can present a long stainless steel gooseneck spout that allows you to reach all your small plants, succulent plants,wall-mounted plants, hanging plants, plants on high shelves.

Very easy to point and water.

You will not spill a single drop when pouring, and with the thin arched spout, you can get right into the middle of the plant.

watering cans in black and in white giftwatering cans in black and in white gift


Make this a gift to any plant lover, trust us, it will make their day!

Being super easy to use, this mini watering can is perfect for your family garden activity, especially for your kids!

Increase your gardening accessories by having this small watering can!

WATERING CAN – This great modern design it’s a gift for any plant lover and a must for your indoor watering houseplants, plant pots, indoor garden. Having a max capacity of 35 OZ, you can water storage for all your plants live houseplants in one go. The watering can is only 10.6*5.3*4.7IN making it great for easy storage and home decor. A great watering can which your plants deserve!
IMPROVED QUALITY, DESIGN, AND SHAPE – This water can for plants is made from Stainless Steel Body, a curved Wooden Handle, Stainless Steel Screws with Powder Coated White Finish rather than paint, that prevents rust, scratches, or leaks from the bottom. This metal indoor watering can is made to be functional long-term, offering the right water pressure that will make you love this product!
SUITABLE CURVED WOODEN HANDLE – Our handle design has Stainless Steel Screws for a better grip and a high resistance, unlike other watering cans which are cheaply made and have poor quality. This plant watering can have a thick, natural wood handle with a curved shape that is easy to hold and won’t slip out of your grip. With this feature, it makes flower watering can easy to use as well for kids!
MODERN ONE PIECE BODY WITH GOOSENECK SPOUT – The new body prevents spills, leaks and with an improved top makes this great product perfect for all your houseplants. Suitable for indoor plant, hanging plants, wall-mounted plants,office plant pots, bonsai pot, gardens, and outdoor plants.It s very easy to aim, use, and with good water pressure – spills are a worry of the past! This metal watering can is a MUST as a plant waterer!
ORNAMENTAL & STRUCTURAL – This indoor plant watering can be easily used as decor in your house, office, and any other location. A great gift idea for women, men, kids, and your loved ones.Ideal as plant accessories indoor. This small watering can for indoor plants is a great asset for your green house and can be used for outdoor plants. Your plants deserve this!

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