KiKiHeim Plant Watering Globes Self Watering Bulbs, Hand Blown Clear Glass Birds Automatic Plant Waterer for Indoor, 2pcs

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Product Description

KiKiHeim  Hand Blown Clear Glass Self Watering GlobesKiKiHeim  Hand Blown Clear Glass Self Watering Globes

KiKiHeim self watering globes for indoor plants

Plant self watering devices is a good gardening gift. The glass plant watering globes bird can take care of your plants while you are on vacation or busy, Automatically water plants and flowers to keep the soil moist. KiKiHeim house plant accessories birds self watering globes are also a great birthday gift for family and friends or gardening enthusiasts/gardener.

indoor plant watering globesindoor plant watering globes

Indoor automatic plant watering devices, Cute and practical plant accessories gift !

The plant self watering planter insert tool is your assistant, you can go out with confidence, don’t worry about it dry or too much water.

Material : Hand-blown clear glass self watering globes.

Dimensions : Wide 4.5″ , High 9.5″ , Thick 1.9″.

Package Includes : 2 pcs birds shape glass watering globes for plants.

Capacity : One water globes can hold 140ml of water. larger than the others indoor plant waterer.

How to use our indoor plant watering globes?

glass plant watering bulbs

glass plant watering bulbs

glass plant watering globes

glass plant watering globes

self watering bulbs for plant

self watering bulbs for plant

automatic plant waterer birds

automatic plant waterer birds

Step 1

Please loosen the soil, water the soil, and dig a hole in the soil with a tool.

Step 2

Fill the plant self watering globes with water.

Step 3 (optional )

Wrap the plant watering takes outlet with a sponge, cotton swab or permeable cloth to prevent clogging or water dripping too fast.

Step 4

Turn it over and insert the glass watering bulbs into the hole.

glass self watering bulb birdsglass self watering bulb birds


The plant watering devices has a custom foam box inside the box to prevent the glass plant watering bulbs from breaking. self watering globes for plants are very suitable as gifts for plant lovers.

Automatic plant waterer can be used as potted plants or hanging plants in homes, balconies and terraces.

plant watering globe for indoorplant watering globe for indoor

Precautions for use:

The planter watering globes are Ideal for watering plants while away or on vacation, KiKiHeim suggests you can test the dripping before leaving.The dripping speed cannot be precisely controlled. Usually it can be watered for 3-7 days, up to 2-3 weeks. Will vary with different environments, soils and plant types.If the water flow is too slow, the soil may be too compact, you can loosen the soil for the potted plants properly.If the water flow is too fast, you can wrap the outlet with cotton/cloth, and the angle of insertion into the soil should not be inclined too much.The packaging does not contain cotton and rope, because the KiKiHeim glass self watering spikes does not necessarily have to be wrapped around the outlet before it can be used.

Glass Glass Glass Glass Terracotta Plastic+Terracotta

140ml x 2 190ml x 3 190ml x 3 130ml x 4 110ml x 4 400ml x 2

4.5″W x 9.5H” 2.7″W x 9.4″H 2.7″W x 8.8″H 3″W x 8.6″H 2.5″W x 6.3″H 3.3″W x 6.3″H

Watering Time
1-3 weeks 1-3 weeks 1-3 weeks 1-3 weeks 3-7 days 1-2 weeks

2 Birds 3 Cats 3 Globes 4 Mushrooms 4 Frogs 2 Bears

【Plant Self-Watering System】The KiKiHeim plant watering globes is a beautiful watering device, each automatic plant waterer can holds 140ml of water and can keep plants or flowers hydrated for up to 2-3 weeks. Great for watering plants while away or on vacation.
【Hand Blown Glass】Bird-shaped clear glass plant watering bulbs let you see the amount of water and remind you when to add water. Beautiful plant accessories watering tools can be used to water indoor/outdoor plants and also to decorate your garden.
【Easy to use 】① Use other tools to dig a hole in the soil, ②Fill the self watering globes with water; ③ Wrap the spout with a sponge/cloth to prevent clogging and then insert the watering bulbs into it.
【Great Gardening Gift】This self watering bulbs is perfect for houseplants, potted plants, hanging plants, patio plants and garden plants. A great christmas gift for family/friends/plant lovers/busy gardeners.
【Customer Service】If the glass watering globes for plants is not working properly, please contact us (KiKiHeim) for a refund or send a new package, no return is required.

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