ONTOP 6 Pack Self Watering Spikes Small with Adjustable Slow Release Control Valve Switch Automatic Watering System for Potted Plants Self Watering Spikes for Outdoor Indoor Travel Plants Watering

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How to use
1. Screw on the adjustable control valve
2. Install the self watering spikes upside down to the bottle filled with water
3. Vertical stand
4. Put the plant waterer into the soil around the plant.
5. Rotate the control valve to adjust the water flow rate according to demand.

Go out for a long time and enjoy a holiday trip
According to the time of going out, calculate the accurate water output. Prevent plants from withering due to lack of water
Reference data:
500ml water supply time 3~7 days
700ml water supply time 5~10 days
1250ml water supply time 9~18 days
According to the different adjustment water flow rate, the time is slightly different.
It is recommended to adjust 30 seconds/drop or 60 seconds/drop.

Automatic watering system construction
Blue, pink, white. Two of each color.
Users can be creative according to their own imagination. Through the matching of different colors, the choice of different bottles. Build a unique automatic watering system.

Product Parameters
Product Name: ONTOP 6Pack Self Watering Spikes
Material: PP Plastic
Weight: 0.81Ounce
Size: 6.8*1.9in
Quantity: 6Pack
Scope of Application: a series of garden plants

Packing List:
6 * ONTOP Self Watering Spikes

[New upgrade] This self watering spikes bid farewell to traditional self watering spikes installation trouble, single container, unstable installation and other problems. Using a brand-new sword-type plunger, adjustable control valve, scientific water outlet angle. It can accurately transfer water to the roots of plants, which is more conducive to plant growth. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor automatic watering system for potted plants
[Adjustable control valve switch] This self watering spikes has an adjustable control switch. Customers can control the flow rate by adjusting the control valve switch according to actual needs, and control the water droplet speed from 0 to 60 seconds/drop. When you need to go out for a long time, you can set the water flow (1-18 days) according to the time you are out to avoid plants withering
[Applicable to most bottles] The interface of this automatic plant waterer can be applied to most bottles on the market, avoiding wasting your time to find a suitable bottle. You can use the finished beverage bottle, mineral water bottle, or even wine bottle as a drinker bottle, or you can choose a larger-capacity bottle according to the time you go out
[High-quality material] Self watering spikes are made of high-quality pp plastic, which has good heat resistance and cold resistance, and can be used in various environments. Strong toughness, can ensure that each irrigation dripper has a long life cycle and avoid frequent replacement
[Wide applications] Whether it is indoor plants or outdoor plants, whether it is a hanging basket potted plant or a ground potted plant. This self watering spikes can basically meet the watering of any garden plants. If you want to build an automatic watering system for plants, ONTOP will be your good choice

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