SteadySpring by TreeDiaper Smart 30-Day Watering Mat for Tomato Plants, Peppers, Veggies, Perennials, Annuals – Self-Fills with Rain (1)

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Product Description

Smart Spring Lawn and Garden ProductsSmart Spring Lawn and Garden Products

For trees, bushes, shrubs and garden plants up to 1.5″ caliper or 15 gallons. 24″ diameter for 360° complete irrigation For trees, bushes and shrubs up to 3″ diameter or 30 gallons (Large Size) For Raised Garden Beds and Gardens For Large Containers or trees/saplings up to 0.75″ diameter For 10-14″ Containers, Planters or Hanging Baskets up to 7 Gallons.

24″ diameter 36″ diameter 36″ by 12″ (Set of Two) 18″ diameter 12″ diameter (Set of Two)

C-shaped with open slat for installation Two Half Moons Rectangular (Set of Two) C-shaped with open slit for installation C-shaped with open slit for installation and removal (Set of Two)

Refills with Rain

Up to 5 year Lifespan

Country of Origin
Made In U.S.A. Made In U.S.A. Made In U.S.A. Made In U.S.A. Made In U.S.A.

Weed Barrier

Use In-Ground

Use Outdoors and Leave Out Year Round

Smart Watering Mats by Smart SpringSmart Watering Mats by Smart Spring

Save Water, Time and Money with Our Line of Smart Watering Mats

Smart Spring’s Smart Watering Mats provide a variety of water-saving (and plant saving!) solutions. After going through 6-years of field development and used by the professionals in the field, the Smart 30-Day Watering Mats are shown to help new trees establish, gardens grow and containers stay hydrated while you travel! Used on the Arbor Day Farm, the Smart Watering Mats will save you time and water, while protecting your precious live goods. They’re easy to use and will last up to three years. Leave them out over the winter too – they will refill themselves with snow and rain!

How does it work? The key to the mats using so much less water is by eliminating evaporation and runoff of water used to irrigate plants or trees and targeting the root zone in the soil for each plant it is watering. The top of the mats is a weed barrier, which reduces weeds and other plant life from stealing water away from your tree or plant. Inside are super absorbent hydrogels, which are agriculture grade and were invented to be used in the soil. The mats keep the gels at the surface level, which makes sure they the only water they take is excess from rain, snow or other irrigation water. The mats refill themselves with rain or sprinkler water, meaning you could go years without needing to refill them.

A question we get is if it rains enough to refill the mats, then why do I need them? The answer is evaporation. A hot summer day storm may dump an inch or two of rain, but the vast majority of that water will evaporate quickly due to the heat. The Smart Watering Mats will take the excess water, store it and use it. In fact, with 1″ of rain per 30-days, studies have shown the mats being self-sustaining with no manual filling.

If it doesn’t rain at all, simply water the tree or plant like you would a couple of days in a row, and the mat will take the excess water, store it and use it over the next few weeks.

Are the hydrogels safe? Yes! They are agriculture grade and were invented to go in the soil. If the mat ever splits, just mix the gels into the soil and mulch.

We’re here to help you save water, money, trees and time!

Features and Use

Smart Watering Mat Complete IrrigationSmart Watering Mat Complete Irrigation

Maximum Water Efficiency! Reduces Competition, Evaporation and Runoff! Releases water only as the soil dries. 360 targeted irrigation for better plant growth. Stores water preventing it from evaporation Captures water that would normally evaporate, runoff or drain past the root zone Suppresses Weeds reducing competition for the water and nutrients in the soil When to Recharge

Unlike traditional tree watering solutions, the technology with the Smart Watering Mat relies on the use of super absorbent agricultural polymers to absorb and store water. It takes hours for these “gels” to absorb water and weeks or longer to release it. When they do dry out, soaking them in a bucket or a slow flow hose for 5-10 minutes is recommended if refilling with rain does not occur or is not possible. Expect these polymers to work up to 5-years.

Use a soil moisture probe to check the root zone moisture level for best understanding as to when more water is needed. The plant or tree will also let you know by showing signs of stress if more water should be given.

Because there are so many plant and tree types in the world as well as different soil types and climates, the mats will irrigate for different amounts of time before needing to be recharged with water. We can promise that you will you up to 99% less water and not stress about watering nearly as much!

Easy Installation and Maintenance! Leave Out Year Round

Soak for 5 hours, set it directly on the soil surrounding the plant or tree, and forget it for up to 30-days in most cases! All the Smart Watering Mats Refill with Rain, melting snow, and any other water such as storm runoff, sprinkler water or drip irrigation. Using on indoor plants? You can expect to mats to work up to 60-days!

Cover with Mulch or Moss!

You can cover the mats with mulch or decorative moss, depending on their use. Mulch will help with moisture retention and reducing the hot sun from drying out the soil. Decorative moss can help cover up the mat for indoor or outdoor planter or garden use! Do NOT cover with dirt, sharp rocks or sand. That will prevent the mats from working properly.

Smart Watering Mat Feature by Smart SpringSmart Watering Mat Feature by Smart Spring

A Safe, Smart Solution

We understand the investment people make in plants, trees and gardens are an important part of everyday life. Watering them has always been a challenge, especially when traveling during the hot summer months or even for weeks over the holidays. The challenge of finding a responsible person to not only water the plants and trees that wouldn’t make it the time your gone but also do it correctly can be stressful. The line of Smart Watering Mats not only alleviate this stress while traveling but will help you grow happier plants and trees even while you are home. You can also expect to use less water due to the unmatched water management system the Smart Watering Mats possess. Enhanced over 6-years and used by professionals across the U.S., install Smart Watering Mats to reduce your watering usage and provide yourself peace of mind.

Soil Moisture Stabilizer – prevents soils from getting too wet (root rot) or too dry (tree suffering). Soil will remain at a healthy, moist level for the plant or sapling to thrive. If the soil seems too dry, look at how the plant is doing or use a moisture meter to measure. A rating from 3 to 8 (out of 10) is ideal for plants and trees to thrive! Make sure to use potting or garden soil for use in containers!
Food Safe Irrigation System that REFILLS with rainwater. With 1″ of rain every 30 days, SteadySpring will have enough water to irrigate indefinitely
Weed barrier top suppresses weeds and other plant life from utilizing water needed by your plants
3 year life span – use year after year to grow tomatoes, veggies, herbs, perennials, annuals in a garden, garden bed or large 16″ or 18″ container; larger sizes available for trees. Do not use this size on anything other than saplings for trees unless in a container. This size is for large containers, garden bed plants and rose bushes and containers must have potting or garden soil to function properly. .
To Charge, Soak for 3-5 hours, Water the plant once, and then Set it and Forget it for 30 days or more. SteadySpring saves you water, stress and frees you up to travel without having to worry about your plants survival!


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