Sulobom Plant Waterer Self Watering Insert Spike Device, 8 PCS Automatic Water Volume Drip Irrigation Control System Adjustable Plant Watering Nail for Home and Vacation Plant Watering

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Product Description


Plant Watering Spikes- Plant self watering devices automatic watering system.

Are you always busy and out of your house on frequent vacation? Do you always forget to water your plants?

If Yes, you absolutely need our automatic self watering spikes. Enjoy your trip without worrying about your plants

Self-watering devices is adjustable with the control valve.

No any tedious installation,don’t need other tools.

Fits on most bottles with 1.1inch inner diameter.

How to use









Length of stake:5.1inch/13cm

The Self Watering Spikes are long enough to hold securely on pots.

Inner diameter:1. 1inch /2.8cm

Compatible with all 1.1 inch/2.8cm inner diameter, suitable for most beverage bottles, not suitable for mineral water and purified water bottles.

(Measure the inner diameter of the bottle including the thread size before installation)

Self Watering

Accurately control the flow and give appropriate amount of water for different plants and flowers.

Multi-Scene Application



1. Make sure there is a hole in the bottle or the bottom of the bottle is cut off. Without air pressure, no water flows out of the irrigation.

2. Adjust the water flow to the maximum value before each use. Make sure there is no air in the watering spike. Then adjust the water flow slowly.

3. After adjusting the flow rate and burying the outlet of the irrigation system into the ground, the flow rate is most stable.

✔【ADJUSTABLE SPEED DESIGN】: the automatic watering peak with control valve can control the dripping speed of 0-60 s / drop. plant watering spikes can set the flow rate to 3-15 days or more as needed, and never kill your plants because the flow is too fast or too slow.
✔【COST-EFFECTIVE】:Traditional ceramic glass watering nails are fragile, short-lived, and high input costs. Our newly upgraded self watering device are made of environmentally friendly new plastics. You can buy more at the same price. Very durable and not fragile.
✔【EASY TO USE WITH MOST BOTTLES】:Our Automatic Watering System is suitable for bottle(Please use harder bottle)with a bottle mouth of 0.8 to 1.2 inches. Just connect the bottle filled with water and the self-watering spike, and insert it upside down into the soil. Please note that there is no need to poke holes in the bottle due to the function of our watering spikes.
✔【ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY AND DURABLE】: the automatic plant watering device is made of high-quality PP plastic, which can be used repeatedly, because each irrigation emitter ensures a long service life. Outdoor plants self watering flowers, high strength and toughness, heat resistance, cold resistance, safe and durable. Effective recycling of plastic bottles. It reduces waste and protects the environment.
✔【ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY】: these automatic watering spikes can accurately calculate the flow of water, provide different amounts of water for different plants and flowers, and avoid too much or too little watering.watering system for outdoor plants For business travel and travel, don’t worry that your plants will wither because there is no water.


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