Terracotta Watering Spikes (4-Count)/ Plant Watering System for Vacation/Plant Self Watering Spikes (Indoor/Outdoor)

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Terracotta watering spikes are hollow spikes made from terracotta clay that stick in the soil near your plants. These spikes are then filled with water from a long-neck bottle, like a wine bottle, allowing the porous clay to slowly release water from the bottle into the surrounding soil, thus watering your plants. The surrounding soil will wick water away from the spike into the root zone of your plant, providing your plant with the water it needs. Moisture tension between the terracotta spike and the surrounding soil will determine how much water is pulled from the spike and water source. The dryer the soil, the more water is pulled. The wetter the soil the less water is pulled. Soil type is very important to how well the spikes will work. Terra cotta spikes work best in loose potting soil that can wick water away from the spike, dense clay soils do not work as well. Before using terracotta self-watering stakes please ensure the plants soil is well moistened prior to inserting the self watering stakes.
Conserves water, reduces watering frequency, and reduces water lost through evaporation
Allows plant to absorb ideal level of water, reducing over or under-watering
Self watering spikes for outdoor plants reduce weed growth by only watering the area around your plants not across open surfaces of your garden
Watering spikes reduce soil erosion and runoff
1 litre of water can water your plant for about 7-10 days
Eco-Friendly Design: These self watering spikes promote sustainability and recycling! Instead of tossing your empty beer, wine, soda, or water bottles, reuse them for your plant watering stakes! Wine bottle watering spikes are the perfect way to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle!
Perfect Gift: These plant stakes make the perfect gift for any plant owner in your life. This self watering insert will make gardening easier and plants healthier


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