Varomorus Stainless Steel Deep Root Feeder for Tree Watering Spike Tool Irrigation for Outdoor Plants System Wand T-Handle One-Piece

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Product Description

Varomorus companyVaromorus company

Varomorus Irrigation Tool for Deep Root Watering

Varomorus Deep watering toolVaromorus Deep watering tool

It is a high-performance tool that will make a huge difference in the health and survival of trees when they’re young or when the weather is dry.

Varomorus deep watering tool slowly carries water up to 32’’ deep into the ground – instead of just wetting the surface. It’s a perfect irrigation tool for delivering water directly to the root zone of trees, shrubs, and other plants. Dimensions: 9, 1/2″ W x 36, 1/2″ H x 3/4″ D

Watering deeply is vital for tree health:

Varomorus Irrigation tool root builder

Varomorus Irrigation tool root builder

Irrigation Deep Watering Tools

Irrigation Deep Watering Tools

Varomorus Irrigation Tools

Varomorus Irrigation Tools

Varomorus Irrigation Tool

Varomorus Irrigation Tool

Build a strong roots for your trees.

Trees have a root that grows deep down into the earth called the taproot. It grows straight down under the tree and it’s the main root from which all the other feeder roots develop. The taproot also anchors the tree into place. Ensuring this deep-growing tap root receives plenty of water is vital for the health and growth of the tree.

Perfect solution for the dry areas.

Deep root watering for a tree is vital for longevity and production, unfortunately, most trees never receive this type of watering and have a shortened, weakened lifespan. Compacted soil and shallow watering (either done by hand or sparse rainfall) cause trees to develop a shallow root and short taproot.

A huge money saver.

A tree watering irrigation tool will also save money on your home’s water bill since none of the water will be lost through run-off. This type of irrigation tool is shaped like a ‘T’ and installed directly into the ground near the tree. A water hose is connected to the tool and it will deliver the water deep into the soil at a steady rate so the taproot will remain well hydrated while growing deep and strong.

Watering where it is needed.

Getting the water deep into the soil under a young tree will promote a deep-growing taproot. A tree watering irrigation tool will enable you to get the water exactly where it needs to be so the tree roots will grow downward instead of near the surface of the soil.

Varomorus Irrigation toolVaromorus Irrigation tool

Varomorus Irrigation Tool Varomorus Irrigation Tool Main features.

This product is made on high-quality equipment of durable 304 stainless steel. Fully rustproof.

T-handle Easy core insert. Brass Garden Hose Connector.

Varomorus Irrigator in work.

How to use your tool?

Connect your garden hose to the watering tool, turn the water on the low pressure, insert the irrigator’s tip into the ground and let the water slowly flow, the tip will drill its own hole without extra force.

A stainless steel tree irrigation tool will resist rust and corrosion, lasting for many years. It’s an investment that will enable your trees to grow healthy and strong while saving you money and reducing water waste.

EXTRA DURABLE – Made of stainless steel. STURDY CONIC TIP – Drills its own holes, avoiding digging. Up to 32” SOIL PENETRATION – Delivers water directly to roots of the trees and shrubs. Encourages deep root growth. DEEP ROOT WATERING – Self-drilling tip allows you to deliver water directly to the root zone of trees and shrubs to encourage deep root growth.

Total length
12″ 21″ 36″ 36″ 36″ 37″

Size of the samples
6″ 8″ 12″ 4″


Foot step

Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel

Varomorus Farming companyVaromorus Farming company

We are working on our products for your amazing harvest.

Varomorus team is working in a continuous researching process for the best ways to grow food on a small farm or private earth gardens. Over the years, our products have earned the trust of thousands of customers around the world. We are proud of work for healthy and organic food.

Let your landscape thrive with a Varomorus Deep Root Irrigation tool! Varomorus Irrigator is designed for all soil surfaces and helps your plants, trees, bushes and shrubs to build a healthy and strong root systems. It is a perfect addition for your lawn sprinklers for a beautiful, hydrated yard.
The Deep Watering Tool is made of Stainless Steel and has a quality welding workmanship. It is a rust-proof, sturdy, nicely polished garden tool that will serve you a lifetime. It features a T-style Handle, tube with a pointed solid tip, and a hose fitting. Tool measures 37-inches long. It can be inserted up to 32” deep into the ground.
The Irrigator features a brass connector that fits all types of garden hoses. Simply connect the garden hose, turn the water on minimal flow, and then gradually insert the waterer’s tip into the soil. The pointed tip penetrates the soil smoothly and effectively provides a slow and steady water distribution deep at the root zone. You can use the waterer as a feeder or as a spike aerator for your soil.
Our Stainless Steel Irrigator is a huge money and time saver it delivers the water directly to the root, avoiding the runoff and evaporation associated with surface watering. Conserves up to 50% of outdoor water use by cutting down on watering time. Especially helpful in regions with dry climate. Additionally, it makes holes that are beneficial for allowing oxygen aeration into the compacted soil reducing erosion.
We use Top Quality Stainless Steel and professional welding equipment. The irrigator has a premium finishing and is designed for long-lasting durability. At Varomorus we are standing for our products and providing a limited lifetime warranty on all stainless steel parts and welding works. Contact us with any concerns.


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