XLUX Soil Moisture Meter, Plant Water Monitor, Soil Hygrometer Sensor for Gardening, Farming, Indoor and Outdoor Plants, No Batteries Required

Price: $24.99 - $12.99
(as of Jan 11,2023 10:29:15 UTC – Details)

Product Description


The XLUX T10 Moisture Meter tells you, instantly, whether your plants need water. With this meter, you will know that sometimes though the top of the soil looks dry, just beneath the surface it’s very wet–no wonder the plants are struggling.

It’s very easy to use, just stick it in the dirt and the dial instantly tells you whether the soil is dry, moist or wet


Easy To Use

Inset the probe of the meter to the plants’ root levelNote moisture level in the dial which has ten scales Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use


Avoid hard stones when inserting probe as they may damage the probe Never put this meter into water. For some very loose soil, the reading may be inaccurate Don’t leave it in the soil for more than an hour for use



1. Easy to read levels

2. No batteries needed

3. Indoor/outdoor use

4. Color coded reading system

5. For most plants

Package Includes

1 x XLUX Moisture Sensor Meter







For Indoor plants

For farm

For garden

T10 T9102 T10-2Pack

soil moisture soil moisture/pH/Light soil moisture

No Battery Needed No Battery Needed No Battery Needed

Item Package Quantity
1 1 2

Reliable and accurate: Sensing probe ensures accurate and instant testing results, matching for both indoor or outdoor use.
Easy to read: Large and clear dial, including ten scales, plug and read.
How to use: Simply insert the moisture meter into soil and you’ll get the test result instantly. Help your plants grow healthy and strong.
Less hurts: Single probe, less hurts to the roots, doesn’t dig up too much soil after test.
Important tips: 1. Do not use it to test very hard soil 2. Never use it to test water or other liquid. Designed for testing soil only. 3. After use, please wipe clean the probe.

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