XXXFLOWER Watering Can Outdoor Plant Lightweight Deluxe 1.5 Gallon Plastic 6 L Resin Water Cans with Detachable Sprinkler Head Green Watering Pot for Office House Indoor Garden

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Product Description


XXXFLOWER Green Watering PotXXXFLOWER Green Watering Pot

Perfect Size for the Garden Watering

XXXFLOWER Watering Can is made of high-quality Polypropylene material, solide and durable. With a detachable shower nozzle, you can choose between a steady stream or a gentle shower. Great for both indoor and outdoor plants.This large watering can is built for extensive use for multiple seasons. Large capacity of 1.5 gallon, which can reduce the trouble of frequent irrigation. Plastic watering can outdoor is necessity as lawn & garden watering equipment.

watering cans for outdoor plantswatering cans for outdoor plants

Unique Watering Can Design

XXXFLOWER water plants pitcher have unique curve and fashion dark green color for plants to bring retro modern and uniqueness, great for decorating your room or garden, make life more green. Gardening watering can is also a great plus that it is so attractive and can be left out on a shelf or cabinet to display. watering pot would make a great gift for somebody who was into gardening or houseplants, or perfect for Mother’s day.

Green watering can for outdoor plants is sweet, sleek, and attractive in all the right ways to make your garden beautiful

Long spout wantering can

Long spout wantering can

Watering canister

Watering canister

Water pail for plants

Water pail for plants

Long spout controls water flow

The Spout and sprinkler of our watering can is long and thin, which makes water pouring easily to penetrate into the plant without splashing and water wasting. It is suitable for home garden plants or flowers watering, helping to raise humidity and keep them healthy.

Watering can with sprinkler head

The watering can long spout sprinkling head has evenly distributed small holes ,releasing water at a fairly fast rate at 350ml per second but gently, pouring dish convenient.

The sprinkler can be dual-use

Flower watering can indoor also contains a detachable sprinkler head. You can remove the sprinkler, and allowing you to use the water can as a shower or a heavy stream column of water. The long spout and sprinkler head can be opened for easy clean out.

comfortable handle

comfortable handle

Top Wide Opening To Easily Fill The Water

Top Wide Opening To Easily Fill The Water

Sturdy material and non-deformable design

Sturdy material and non-deformable design

Easy To Use Handle

The watering can double handles features with textured grip are great for balancing when watering. The reasonable handle design makes the grip extremely easier and more controllable for watering plants by holding it with two or one hand.

Special Opening Design

Large opening, easy to add water. The hollow lid design is elegant and beautiful, and it is not easy to let water flow out.

Non-deformable Design, Strong Material

The smooth curves and elegant design add another layer of fashion.PP resin Material. This Is crafted from sturdy plastic and will last a long time.

Perfect for bathing the garden with love

spray watering canspray watering can

water pot for plants Color: Green and grey-Colored Material: Plastic Capacity: 6L / about 1.5Gallon Size Of The Long Spouted Watering Can: 10.6”(length) X 11″(height) Length Of The Spout: 25″ Sturdy watering can handle

The two handles can be used with both hands, which is easy to use for the elderly and children.

Large Watering Can Features Sustainable watering time

Spray upward for 195 seconds

Spray down for 210 seconds

Suitable for herbs

Compared with water pipes, watering flowers is more advantageous. It is as natural as rain, has no impact, and will not damage the soil.

180 ml/ 6 oz 5.5″H x 11″ W x 4″ D 4.92″H x 8.66″W x 1.57″D 7.9″H x 3.9″ W x 2.8″ D 60 Pack (30 Pairs)

Glass Wood, Glass Wood, Glass Wood, Glass Polyethylene

Design: The reasonable watering pitcher two handles design makes the grip extremely comfortable because you can water the plants with two hands if the water Can feels heavy. Long Spout can rotate 360 Degree, sprinkler head can be detach from long spout for column watering
Large Capacity: The mini watering cans has a large water storage capacity of 6L, which can reduce the trouble of frequent irrigation. You have to attach spout to the can by little force to insure there is no leaking water
Material: The whole plant watering can outdoor is made of high quality plastic, which is light and durable material with thick wall of the kettle, anti-fall, compression and no odor
Usage: You can hold the can smoothly and it won’t hurt your hands because the finishing touches were made and the extra thin plastic line was removed. Garden water can for plants is perfect for spraying and watering indoor and outdoor big plants in garden and vegetables. Suitable for succulents, seed starting, cutting and transplanting
Size: Our watering can features long、 thin、lightweight and well balanced with hold 1.5 Gallons / 203 oz amount of water, very suitable for hard-to-reach areas. Size of watering pot is11 in height, 10.6 in length, spout length 16 in. water can with spout 25 in Length

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