How to grow pilea plant – best guide 2021

How to grow pilea plant.

Chinese money plant is quite a common and popular indoor plant that can be spotted in almost every house you go to. Pilea or Pilea Peperomioides, as per its botanical name, is a popular Chinese money plant. Apart from being a Chinese money plant, Pilea is also quite famous for being an attractive houseplant. And all the credit goes to mesmerizing coin-shaped leaves. 

Whether you are keeping it as a charm of your house or want to enhance the home’s look, you have to comprehend proper information on how to grow a pile plant. Yes, please plant is quite a tolerant and low-maintenance plant. But that doesn’t mean that you will not take care of the plant. 

If this Chinese money plant has made its place as a charm in your house, then you should not forget that maintaining the money plant can bring more prosperity and wealth to your family. 

How to grow pilea plant:

When you read this article, it is pronounced you care for your pilea plant, don’t worry, here you will be informed with all the details regarding pilea plant growth and care. Without and more delay, let’s have a look at more about how to grow pilea plant. 

Small overview on the Pilea plant 

The pilea plant is referred to with multiple names. Some of them are the Chinese money plant, pancake money plant, coin plant, UFO Plants. Its unique leaf structure will make you go, wow! The size of the plant is small, and you can expect white flowers the entire spring. It can grow up to 12 inches. In terms of sun exposure, pilea require bright indirect lights. 

Origin of this beautiful plant in southern China. Now, you can understand from where the name Chinese money plant came from. Now let’s proceed and see how pilea plant propagation is done. Propagation is the first stage of the problem of how to grow a pile plant.

What is the best way to practice propagation in Pilea Peperomiodes? 

Propagation in pilea plant can be done in two easy methods, which is soil and water. If you notice correctly, you will see that small plantlets have grown beside the mother plants. 

Once they have become mature enough, you can put your fingers deep into the soil for around 1-2 inches and slowly pull them out from the pot of the mother plant. 

Once you have brought them out of the soil, take a sharp knife cut off the connection with the mother plant. If you follow the steps correctly, you will not be able to damage the sensitive roots. 

Now, put the plant directly into the soil. 

Another way of propagation of the pilea plant is in water. To grow pilea on the water, you will require a mini glass. 

Put the Pilea plantlet on the mini glass, but be careful with the leaves. It should not touch the water. Growing the pilea plant’s plantlet will assist them in increasing the roots within 2 to 3 weeks. Once the seeds start growing, the plant can be transferred to the soil. 

Suitable location and Soil for the Pilea plants

For proper growth, the Pilea plant requires bright but indirect sunlight. Hence you can put the pot away from the sunlight. How will you do it? You can give exposure to the plant for an hour or two in the mild morning sunlight. If you have a south-facing window in your house, you can use the place efficiently. 

When you are potting the plant, you have to use the well-draining soil. You can also mix some sand with the soil, which will make the drainage more effective. To make the soil more efficient, use one portion of the perlite into the ground. Mixing the perlite makes the drainage and aeration seamless in the soil. 

How many Re-Pot Pilea Peperomiodes? 

 As you have already explored the fact that Pilea is a forgiving plant and requires deficient maintenance. Hence you don’t have to re-pot the plant often as per the expert. The interval between Re-potting should be 14-18 months. 

While Re-potting, you should pick a pot that is 2 inches bigger than the previous one. And in case you don’t want to re-pot, you can move away from the Pilea Plant Pups. Additionally, you can trim the extra root. Once you are done you are done, your Pilea plant is good to go. 

The secret of Fertilization and watering is to grow the Pilea plant properly. 

Pilea is a low-maintenance plant. Your too much care can kill your Chinese money plant. When watering the plant, always remember that you have to allow the soil to get dry. 

When you ask how to grow a pilea plant, you have to consider the right proportion of the fertilizer. Use a regular fertilizer that is used for the houseplant. You have to use the fertilizer diluted. Use the fertilizer once in 4-6 weeks during summer and winter. 

Pest and Diseases in Pilea plant. 

Pest and disease are crucial factors that you should consider while searching for the answer to how to grow a pilea plant. This UFO plant doesn’t require too much maintenance, but mealybugs and Spider mites can be the reason for tension if proper care is not taken. In case of overwatering, the plant may face a common ailment that is Root Rot.

The problem that can become Devil for the Pilea Plant Droopy Leaves: Droopy leaves can be seen in the plant due to two reasons low- watering, and sunlight.

White spots: The reason behind the problems of White spots is the excessive mineral residue of the tap water. You have to avoid the tap water or don’t allow the residue to sit. 

Brown Spots: It is not a severe sign; Brown leaves are a sign of aging. 

Curling Leave: If you notice curling leaves in your plant, this is signing your leaves are not getting proper sunlight. To avoid such a problem, rotate the position of the plant every week so that all leaves get the right amount of light. 

What next?

A plant is a living thing; we have learned it in grade 1. And every living thing needs proper care and maintenance so that it can thrive. When you are planting pilea, the first question that will strike your mind is how to grow pilea plants. Hitting with such a question makes you learn more. And more you will gather information regarding the plant, the healthier your plant will be. Here you came across some information on how to grow pilea plant. Hopefully, it will help you to take care of your Chinese money plant. 


Does the Pilea plant need sun?

Pilea plant is required Bright indirect sunlight. Hence, you have to place the plant in such a position that it can get sufficient indirect sunlight. 

Is Pilea an indoor plant?

Yes, Pilea is an indoor plant. Pilea is quite popular as a Chinese money plant. You can see Pilea enhancing the look of the indoor garden of many people. 

Is Pilea easy to care for?

Yes, Pilea is a tolerant plant that comes with low maintenance. You don’t have to spend your precious time taking care of the time. But that doesn’t mean that you will ignore the plant. You have to keep the plant in such a place that it can get bright indirect sunlight. Overwatering can kill the plant. 

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