[ 25 COUNT ] – 2 MILL – 65 -GALLON Trash Bags – Heavy Duty 2 Mil Thick Garbage Bin Liners – Construction Rubbish Cleanup Bags – Leak Resistant Heavy-Duty Trash Can Liners – 38W X 58 -Inches, Black

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Shiny Select 65-Gallon Trash Bags – 25 CountLooking for large heavy-duty trash bags to use as garbage can liners in your home’s outdoor rollaway trash bins?
Need reliable and jumbo-sized commercial trash bags to use for your community-service business?
Presenting ★Shiny Select’s 65-Gallon Trash Can Liner Bags★
With an extra-large capacity of 65-gallons and highly durable 2-millimeter thickness, our heavy-duty trash bags have been expertly engineered to be the solution for all of your trash storage, collection, and disposal needs. Having super-sized dimensions of 61W – 68H-inches, these residential garbage bags are perfect to use as highly durable indoor and outdoor garbage can liners. They’re also ideal to use as commercial trash bags to use for law-care, trash-pickup, construction, and other contractor-based businesses.
Thanks to the thickness of these 65-gallon trash bags, they’re incredibly resistant to punctures and tears. Allowing you to fill up our trash can liners and remove them from their respective trash cans without the risk of them accidentally tearing and spilling their contents. Our heavy-duty trash bags’ density also makes them less-likely to allow odors to seep through. So, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant smells inside of your home’s garbage bins when our trash can liner bags are tied closed.
Need more reasons to choose us?

  • These garbage bin bags are great to use for collecting trash at large social events such as parties, weddings, graduations, family reunions, and more.
  • The 2-mil. thickness of our residential trash bags helps to prevent liquids leaking through and causing puddles at the bottom of your trash cans.
  • Our commercial garbage bags are great for fitting bulky debris such as insulation, leaves, lawn clippings, and more.

Dispose of your trash the reliable way with our heavy-duty 65-Gallon Trash Bags, today!Prod
MASSIVE 65-GALLON TRASH BAGS – This set comes with 25 individual 95-gallon garbage bags that measure -inches. These huge and heavy-duty trash bags are the perfect size to be used as trash can liners for large garbage bins inside and outdoors.38w 58h
HEAVY-DUTY THICKNESS – Each of our 65-gallon trash bags provide a heavy-duty thickness of 2 millimeters, making them exceptionally durable and ideal to use for a variety of residential and commercial applications such as lawn care and construction.
HIGHLY TEAR RESISTANT – With their exceptional thickness, these heavy-duty trash bags have been designed to be super tough and puncture resistant, making them easy to remove from trash bins without tearing, breaking, or leaking, even when full.
TRAPS IN ODORS – The density of our residential and commercial garbage bags allows them to lock in any odors while tied up, making these garbage can liners perfect for keeping unwanted smells from seeping into your home, office, garage, or driveway.
IDEALLY SIZED FOR OUTSIDE TRASH CONTAINERS – Thanks to the extra-large size and durability of our garbage bags, they are the perfect size and strength to be used as trash can liners or garbage bin bags in outdoor rollaway trash containers.


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