Lawn Mower, 12 inch Manual Push Reel Mower with 23L Collection Bag, Grass Catcher for Small to Medium Yards

Price: $86.99 - $61.99
(as of Jan 16,2023 21:00:49 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Lawn MowerLawn Mower

Let’s begin to enjoy mowing!

Everyone wants to have a perfect lawn, and this requires careful trimming. However, in many cases, mowing is not a comfortable job. But if you choose the Youwise lawn mower, you will begin to enjoy the process of mowing. When you use it to mowing the grass, you will no longer smell the unpleasant gasoline smell and hear the annoying noise, but the fragrance of the grass and the crisp bird’s voice. Mowing will turn from an uncomfortable task into an activity that relieves physical and mental stress. Youwise lawn mower is a truly useful and effective product. It makes mowing really a good work to beautify the environment rather than a bad thing to destroy it.


Manual Lawn Mower

Manual Lawn Mower

Easy to Maintain the Mower

Easy to Maintain the Mower

Non-slip design of the push lawn mower

Non-slip design of the push lawn mower

Collection Bag of Manual Reel Mower

Collection Bag of Manual Reel Mower

Adjust the Grass Height

The cutting width of this Youwise manual mower is 29.97cm/11.8 inches. It can cut lawns with a height of 12-45 mm/0.47 inches to 1.77 inches according to your preference. Adjustable height allows you to better take care of your garden or lawn according to your ideas.

Easy to Maintain

This Youwise lawn mower has no motor. So you don’t have to worry about buying the gasoline, checking which part of the power system is wrong, and replacing complicated parts. These will greatly reduce the time you need to maintain the mower.

Save Your Time and Effort

8.66-inches/about 22cm diameter non-slip wheels greatly increase the grip of this Youwise lawn mower, allowing you to easily push it on your lawn. The mower is also equipped with a handle with non-slip sponge. These allows you to complete the mowing with less time and effort.

Large Capacity Storage Bag

There is a 23L large-capacity black nylon collection bag behind this Youwise mower. This collection bag can be used to collect the excess grass that has been cut out, so that you can easily clean up the site. It let you can also use the collected grass for more purposes.

Manual Grass CutterManual Grass Cutter

No Annoying Noise

It hardly makes noise because there is no motor on this Youwise lawn mower. You will not be complained by your neighbors. And you can spend a peaceful afternoon on your lawn while listening to children’s laughter and the voice of birds.


Lawn Mower


Specifications: Material: 65 manganese steel; Cutting width: 300mm / 12″; Cutting Height Adjustment Range: 12-45mm; Wheel Material: Plastic; Movement Type: Hand Push; Wheel Diameter: 22CM; Mowing Spindle Diameter: 12.5CM; Grass Collector: 23L Nylon Bag

🌱 This manual lawn mower has a cutting width of 12 inches and can cut turf heights of 12-45 mm/0.47 inches to 1.77 inches, suitable for Small to Medium Yards.
🌱 The non-slip design, the handle non-slip sponge and the 8.66-inch diameter non-slip wheels make you more labor-saving in use. Easily solve the problem of mowing.
🌱 23L black nylon collection bag can collect more grass per use, bringing higher efficiency.
🌱 Manual mowing, no gasoline required, suitable for long-term use and environmental protection.
🌱 Removable grass catcher can work efficiently and quickly under low noise conditions to avoid affecting neighbors and family.

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