Reli. Compostable Trash Bags 33 Gallon | 40 Count | ASTM D6400 | Compost Trash & Leaf Bags 30, 32, 33 Gallon Large | Eco-Friendly Garbage Bags (33 Gal)

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Compostable Trash Bags | 30-33 Gallon | 40 Count
Eco-Friendly (33″x39″): Compostable (ASTM-D6400) in municipal and industrial composting facilities
Compostable ASTM-D6400 certified (Made with 30% Plant-Based Materials)
Tear-Resistant (28 mic): Tough 30-33 gal trash can liners made for a leak-proof disposal
Disclaimer: When placing non-compostable trash in a compostable trash bag, the rate of the plastic breaking down for a compostable bag will not be significantly different than a non-compostable bag buried in the same conditions at a landfill with anaerobic conditions.

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